Soiled Chrome Sniper



Here we have a great sniper skin and a cool scope to go with it! Download it now and give your feedback :)



Soiled Chrome Sniper

Made by: *-=SPC=-*_Funbox_

Email: [email protected]

Install: Extract to your /base/mp directory

Info: It's a Sniper Rifle.

Tell me what you think about how the weapon itself looks.

Don't complain that it isn't very chromey, cause I don't care.

The included scope is a modified version of Viper's Electro Sniper Scope.
I don't really deserve credit for it considering how little I did to change
it from his. Here's his info:

Title                   :Viper Sniper
Description             :Nice Scope  precision crosshairs and full screen view
Release Date            :21 march 2003
Version			:2.02
Filename                :Electro_Sniper.pk3
Author                  :Viper1326
Email                   :[email protected]  

I apologize in advance if anyone is offended by this blantant use of someone elses
basic scope, and if requested I can take it out of the pk3 and sof2files can take
it down. I'm simply emailing sof2files the weapons I currently made and use, and I
don't have the energy to repack everything. But once again, credit for the scope
belongs to Viper.

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