Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix v1.01 Linux Dedicated Server

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Be sure to also read the NOTICE in the readme below! Enjoy!



Soldier of Fortune II  dedicated server for Linux.
Version 1.01

With much gratitude to James Drews for compiling this 
and sorting out the problems, and to Bryan Dube for 
helping put an end to the RMG problems for good...

This archive file contains:
  readme.txt    : The file your reading now
  sof2ded       : Soldier of Fortune II linux binary

For this version of the linux binary to function properly,
you MUST also obtain the update101.pk3 file from the Win32 
update and place that file into the base directory.

Install instructions:

On your linux box:
-Create a directory for the game. example: 
    mkdir /usr/local/games/sof2
-Copy the linux binary into this directory
-Mark the file as executable. example:
    chmod a+x /usr/local/games/sof2/sof2ded
-Create the 'base' directory. example:
     mkdir /usr/local/games/sof2/base
   Note, YES, it is case sensitive and the program will look for all lower case
-Copy the files from the base directory of the retail CD into the
   base directory you just created. You will need all the .pk3 files (including
   musicandsound.pk3, skins.pk3, etc) if you want to run a "pure" server.
   be sure to include the update101.pk3 file from the Win32 patch.

Running the dedicated server:

-"cd" into the game directory (cd /usr/local/games/sof2)
-Run the binary. An example is:
    ./sof2ded +exec server.cfg

This example assumes you have created a configuration file called server.cfg and placed
it into the "base" directory.

By default, the server will run in "internet" play mode and advertise its presense to 
the master server. If you wish to have a LAN play only server, change your server 
config to set dedicated 1, or change the command line to be:
    ./jk2ded +set dedicated 1 + exec server.cfg

-The game will look in the base directory or home directory of the user running the 
  program (~/.sof2/)
-If you set the logfile option to 1, the files will be stored in your user
  home directory in ~/.sof2/base/
-To run on freebsd, you need to have linux executable support setup, and at a minimum be
 running freebsd 4.0. To launch the executable, you would use the command:
    brandelf -t Linux sof2ded

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