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Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix Gold Full Patch

sof2goldfull.exe —


Here's the long awaited gold patch featuring 3 new maps! This version of the patch version (full) will update any version of SoF 2 to this latest version (1.03).

There is also a Lite patch version which will only upgrade your game from v1.02 to this latest version (so it requires the v1.02 patch to be installed), it can be found here.

New / Fixed in 1.03: Maps - Added rebuilt mp_col2 to fix known map hole. - Added new Kamchatka map mp_kam5 - Added new Jordan map mp_jor1 - Added new Shop map mp_shop2

Other - Added new shell art to update to GOLD Edition - Fixed disappearing weapon issue on certain maps



Updated: 11/27/2002
Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix® GOLD README.TXT

Issues Addressed since Version 1.02: 
- Added rebuilt mp_col2 to fix known map hole.
- Added new Kamchatka map mp_kam5
- Added new Jordan map mp_jor1
- Added new Shop map mp_shop2
- Added new shell art to update to GOLD Edition
- Fixed disappearing weapon issue on certain maps

'OpenGL Subsystem' ERROR:
If you receive this error when launching the game, it means one of two possibilities.
1) Your video card does not meet the minimum requirements of the game, or
2) Your video drivers are not the most current drivers. Please ensure that you have the latest drivers for your video card by visiting the website of your video card manufacturer. 
The following sites are also available for the latest reference drivers of the most popular video card chipsets: 
ATI® Technologies Inc.: http://www.atitech.com - Chipsets - Radeon® Series 
Matrox®: http://www.matrox.com - Chipsets - Matrox® G550 series 
nVidia®: http://www.nvidia.com - Chipsets - TNT2®, GeForce® Series

'Hunkmeg Allocation' ERROR:
This error may occur while running a Listen Server on a machine with the minimum specified memory (128MB RAM). It is only recommended to run a Listen Server on a machine with at least 256MB RAM. 

AGP Memory Error:
If you receive the error message warning you that your AGP Memory is at zero, it is recommended that you update your motherboard drivers or BIOS to the most current version. If you have the most current version installed on your motherboard, you can set the AGP Memory aperture to a higher setting in the BIOS. 

- Activating High quality sounds will have an adverse effect on performance, especially on machines with only 128MB of memory installed.
- Windows 2000 with Aureal Vortex cards may experience a loss of audio during the installation. This audio problem only occurs during installation and the sound will function normally during normal gameplay.

-You will need to have the first Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix CD 1 in your CD-ROM drive to play the single player game. If you have the second CD or no CD at all, you will be prompted to place the CD 1 disk into the CD-ROM drive with the following message: “Please insert Disk 1 of Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix CD to play the game.” 
-Please note: Players with invalid CD-Keys will not be permitted to join a multiplayer game. If you give your personal CD Key to anyone else, your CD Key could possibly be disabled or banned. The CD Key is intended only for use by a single user. Activision® or Raven® will never ask you for your CD Key. Never give your CD-Key to anyone. If you lose your CD-Key, you will not be issued another one.

- Please make sure your monitor supports the game resolution you are trying to play in. To check what resolutions your monitor supports, do the following:
1. Open up My Computer 
2. Double-click on Control Panel 
3. Find the Display icon and open it. 
4. Choose the Settings tab.
5. Locate the resolution pointer in the Desktop Area box and drag it to the far right. 
The resolution choice shown is the maximum resolution your monitor is capable of displaying. If you do not want to change to this resolution now, select cancel. Your Desktop Area should be set to the game resolution you are trying to play in or higher. 
NOTE: Please make sure your monitor type is properly specified to insure correct reporting of available video resolutions.
- If you are running a machine with multiple monitors and the video card for each monitor is an OpenGL compliant video card (e.g., GeForce series cards), you may experience problems running the game, as the game will recognize both video cards. Simply disable one of the monitors in the Windows® Display Properties.

- Logitech® Force Feedback mouse users may experience a slight delay while playing Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix Gold on a Windows 98 system. During tests, we have experienced Force Feedback driver crashes when exiting the game. Your computer may freeze and need to be restarted if this scenario occurs.
- Some Logitech mice may have a non-functioning mousewheel. In order to fix this, please follow the following instructions:
1. Install the latest MouseWare from www.logitech.com 
2. Go to the Control Panel and select the Mouse option. Select the Buttons tab in the properties box. Enable 'MS Office compatible mousewheel only' and 'Scroll in active window only'. You should also set the Scrolling Size field to “1 line”. This will allow for accurate weapon selection if using the mousewheel for this function.
If problems persist with the mousewheel functionality, you may need to download the MOUSE REGISTRY FILE FOR GAMERS available at http://www.logitech.com.

When playing Multiplayer games between Windows 2000/XP and Windows 98/ME machines, IPX must be removed from the Windows 2000/XP machine to prevent lag between the games. Consult your Windows 2000/XP documentation on how to remove the IPX protocol.

Shift Key in Windows 2000(SP2) and XP Interrupts Game:
If you press the Shift key 5 times consecutively in Windows® 2000(SP2) the following message should appear:
”By pressing the SHIFT key five times you have turned on the StickyKeys feature in Windows® 2000 SP2. With this feature, you can lock down the CTRL, ALT, or SHIFT keys. This is useful if you are unable to hold down more than one key at a time.
Click OK to turn this feature on. If you do not want to use the feature, click Cancel.
<check box> Turn off keyboard shortcut for this accessibility feature.
To avoid this happening in the future, click the settings button on the window referenced above. When the accessibility options screen appears, click the 'Settings' button in the 'Sticky Keys' portion of the window. On the next window (should be labeled 'Settings For Sticky Keys'), uncheck in the box that says 'Use shortcut', then click on 'Apply', and close the windows. The problem should not occur once the shortcut has been disabled. This can also be done for the FilterKeys and ToggleKeys functionality in Windows.

New Actions:
There are new features in which the Player must set up new actions. These new actions include USE and DROP ITEM. These actions can be bound to keys in the CONTROLS SETUP - MISC menu in Multiplayer.

The USE function is used to place or diffuse a detpack. 

The DROP ITEM is used to drop the detpack, briefcase or flag (depending on the type of game you are playing) if you do not want to be carrying it.

Other Issues with Key Pressing:
Pressing keys while a level is loading in ANY operating system may cause undesirable behavior in the game, freezes, or crashes. We do not recommend using the keyboard until the level has loaded completely and you are out of the loading screen.

Virtual Memory warning icon in Windows XP:
When running Soldier Of Fortune II: Double Helix Gold and Windows XP® on systems with only 128 MB of system memory you may see a warning icon on your task bar that indicates that windows is running out of virtual memory and that windows will adjust it for you. This is a known issue with Windows XP® and Soldier Of Fortune II. In order avoid this problem you can turn down the desktop enhancements for Windows XP®:
If you are using the default Windows XP® desktop then click on your “Start” button and select the control panel
1. In the control panel double click on the “System” icon
2. Now select the advance tab.
3. Click on the settings button in the performance area of the screen.
4. Change your settings here to the “Best Performance” setting
5. Click on the “OK” button.
If you are using the classic Windows® desktop then right click on the “My Computer” icon and click on properties
6. Now select the advance tab.
7. Click on the settings button in the performance area.
8. Change your settings here to the “Best Performance” setting
9. Click on the “OK” button.

Game types change when calling vote for new map:
When a vote is cast for a map wherein the current game type is not supported, the game type for the map being voted for will default to Deathmatch. In order to continue playing the previous game type, you must call a vote for the next map that supports that game type.

mp_shop 	'The Shop Under Siege'      	DM	TDM 	ELIM 	INF 	-	-
mp_col1 	'Columbian Jungle'         	DM	TDM 	ELIM 	INF 	CTF	-
mp_finca	'Finca Housewarming'       	DM	TDM 	- 	INF	-	-
mp_hk1  	'Hong Kong Hotel'          	DM	TDM 	ELIM 	INF 	-	-
mp_hos1 	'Hospital Roof'            	DM	TDM 	- 	- 	-	-
mp_kam1 	'Kamchatka Labs'           	DM	TDM 	ELIM 	- 	-	-
mp_kam2 	'Jersey Winter Wonderland' 	DM	TDM 	- 	- 	CTF	-
mp_pra1 	'Prague Streets'           	DM	TDM 	ELIM 	- 	-	-
mp_raven	'Raven Office'             	DM	TDM 	ELIM 	INF 	-	-
mp_air1 	'Airport Warehouse'        	DM	TDM 	ELIM	INF	CTF	DEM
mp_barn 	'Barn Storm'               	DM	TDM	ELIM	-	-	-
mp_hk2  	'Hong Kong Streets'        	DM	TDM	ELIM	INF	CTF	DEM
mp_kam3 	'Kamchatka Factory'        	DM	TDM	ELIM	INF	CTF	DEM
mp_col2 	'Storming of Columbia'     	DM	TDM	ELIM	INF	CTF	DEM
mp_hos2 	'Hospital'                 	DM	TDM	ELIM	INF	-	DEM
mp_jor1 	'Jordan Market Seige'      	DM	TDM	ELIM	INF	CTF	DEM
mp_kam4 	'Kamchatka Thrust'         	DM	TDM	ELIM	INF	CTF	DEM
mp_kam5 	'Kamchatka Depot'          	DM	TDM	ELIM	INF	CTF	DEM
mp_pra2 	'Prague Street Siege'      	DM	TDM	ELIM	INF	CTF	DEM
mp_shop2	'The Shop Invasion'        	DM	TDM	ELIM	INF	CTF	DEM

DM=Deathmatch; TDM=Team Deathmatch; ELIM=Elimination; INF=Infiltration; CTF=Capture the Flag; DEM=Demolition

I/O Errors While Installing or erroneous Installations:
Some fast CD-ROM drives may experience an I/O error while installing. This may be due to the combination of high-speed read access and the large number of assets in Soldier of Fortune II. Please visit the Activision Customer Support website (<http://www.activision.com/support>) and search in the Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix Gold solutions for I/O Error. If no I/O error was recieved, yet the game does not seem to perform as expected, you can check the file sizes of the PK3 files in the 'Setup/base' folder of both CDs and compare them to the sizes of the installed PK3s within the 'base' folder in the installed loacation on your hard drive. If there are differing sizes, try copying and pasting the files directly from the 'Setup/base' folders of the CDs into the 'base' folder where the game was installed. 

Short write in FS_CopyFiles() Error:
If you receive this error, it is probably from saving a game to a Hard drive which is too full. To alleviate this problem, make more space available on your hard drive. 

Violence Lock Password:
The Violence Lock Password can only be any combination of characters up to 22 characters in length. 
IMPORTANT: The following are Illegal Characters and cannot be used in the Violence Lock Password:
` ! # $ ^ \ " ~ ; ampersand and/or any spaces between characters.

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