Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix v1.01 to v1.02 Patch

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OK people. Raven have been promising us this for a while now. And you've been asking and begging for this now. And here it is. The NEW patch for SoF 2 with Punk Buster to prevent cheating. The game that we all love so much can be played again with the knowledge that it will be cheat free. No more paranoid accusations. No more cheaters. Just one great game and a hell of a lot of fun.

This is the second patch for the game since the v1.01 patch upgrading the game to v1.02. If you do not have the first patch, install that one before installing this one.

If you do not have this patch, it is strongly recommended that you install it to get the most out of the game :D

This patch ALSO includes: - SIG551 assault rifle - Silver Talon pistol - 4 (FOUR!!!) New Maps! - and again, anti-cheat support.

For the full list, check the readme below!

Now let's all :bows: for Raven and say thank you for, again, new weapons and maps, for free!




This patch will NOT work for the German version or the low-violence Taiwanese version of SoF II!

Approximate Patch Size: 20MB

Last updated: 09/17/02

PunkBuster® Anti-Cheat Software by Even Balance, Inc. is now included:
We are pleased to include PunkBuster Anti-Cheat Software in this code release. PunkBuster is a mandatory installation for the 1.02 version update. You will not be presented an option to install the 1.02 code without PunkBuster.

Documentation for both Clients and Servers use of PunkBuster can be found in the ‘pb’ folder of the SoFII installation directory. 

Check out Even Balance on the web at http://www.evenbalance.com/.

"Hunkmeg Allocation" ERROR:
This error may occur while running a Listen Server on a machine with the minimum specified memory (128MB RAM). It is only recommended to run a Listen Server on a machine with at least 256MB RAM. 

Game types change when calling vote for new map:
When a vote is cast for a map wherein the current game type is not supported, the game type for the map being voted for will default to Deathmatch. In order to continue playing the previous game type, you must call a vote for the next map that supports that game type.

mp_shop 	"The Shop Under Siege" 	DM 	TDM 	ELIM 	INF 	-	-
mp_col1 	"Columbian Jungle"		DM 	TDM 	ELIM 	INF 	CTF	-
mp_finca 	"Finca Housewarming" 		DM 	TDM 	- 	INF	-	-
mp_hk1 	"Hong Kong Hotel" 		DM 	TDM 	ELIM 	INF 	-	-
mp_hos1 	"Hospital Roof" 			DM 	TDM 	- 	- 	-	-
mp_kam1 	"Kamchatka Labs" 		DM 	TDM 	ELIM 	- 	-	-
mp_kam2 	"Jersey Winter Wonderland" 	DM 	TDM 	- 	- 	CTF	-
mp_pra1 	"Prague Streets"		DM 	TDM 	ELIM 	- 	-	-
mp_raven 	"Raven Office" 			DM 	TDM 	ELIM 	INF 	-	-
mp_air1	"Airport Warehouse"		DM 	TDM 	ELIM	INF	CTF	DEM
mp_barn	"Barn	Storm"			-	-	ELIM	-	-	-
mp_hk2		"Hong Kong Streets"		DM	TDM	ELIM	INF	CTF	DEM
mp_kam3	"Kamchatka Factory"		DM	TDM	ELIM	INF	CTF	DEM
mp_col2	"Storming of Columbia"		DM	TDM	ELIM	INF	CTF	DEM
mp_hos2	"Hospital"			DM	TDM	ELIM	INF	-	DEM
mp_pra2	"Prague Street Thrust"		DM	TDM	ELIM	INF	CTF	DEM
mp_kam4	"Kamchatka Thrust"		DM	TDM	ELIM	INF	CTF	DEM

Changes in 1.02:

-	Added SIG551 assault rifle to primary weapon list
-	Added Silver Talon pistol to the pistol weapon list
-	Fire grenades got minor damage increase for fire on ground
-	M-60 third-person reload animation now properly timed
-	Increased the rate of fire on the M60
-	Slight accuracy adjustment on pistols
-	All pistols are now single fire but can be fired much faster.
-	Should now say "detonated by X's m203" when killed by the m203
-	g_availableWeapons cvar no longer modifiable, now controlled through "disable_*" cvars.
-	Fixed bug that would cause people to join the game with no weapons
-	if crouched when walking over an item it will make no noise when it is picked up
-	Crouching in mid air no longer gives accuracy bonus.  This means that shooting when jumping will be much more inaccurate as initially intended
-	Slight increase to the MP5's accuracy
-	M3A1's accuracy has been increased
-	With friendly fire off you can no longer kill a teammate with a grenade by changing teams immediately after throwing it.

-	Added new Kamchatka map mp_kam4
-	Added new Colombia map mp_col2
-	Added new hospital map mp_hos2
-	Added new Prague map mp_pra2
-	Raven map updated to fix the roof bug and the window bug on roof
-	RMG infiltration improved to generate better maps more consistently

-	Console command 'hash' removed due to its use in cheating
-	Added client command "ignore".  This allows a client to ignore all chat messages from another client.
-	Added server command "mute".  This allows a server admin to turn off chat messages for a given client. 
-	g_forceFollow can now be set to force first person spectating
-	Added PunkBuster anti-cheat software
-	Removed cvars that were used as exploits in the game
-	cl_avidemo now generates TGA files instead of jpeg files.

-	Use button will now toggle between first and third person spectating when following someone
-	Round timer now starts after the round start delay making each round the total of both numbers
-	No longer spawn as a ghost during warm-up if the round has already started
-	Can no longer shoot teammates during warm-up even if friendly fire is set to 1
-	Can now pick up bomb, case, etc immediately after its dropped when someone dies
-	Timelimit will no longer interrupt a round in progress so the last round will always be finished
-	Added g_teamkillNoExcuseTime and g_teamkillNoExcuseMultiplier to control the amount of time in the beginning of the round where there is no excuse for team killing. The multiplier controls the amount of tk% given for damage done during the no excuse time.
-	Team kill damage is now doubled if you kill a teammate carrying the flag, briefcase or bomb
-	Should no longer get "server is for low pings only" message when a server has sv_maxping set and is full
-	When the counter hits zero on warm-up it should restart quickly rather than the laggy restart it did in the past
-	Autojoin should always join the team in need now
-	New hud representation of team scores including total and alive player counts 
-	Loading screen informs you if friendly fire is enabled now
-	About box now says whether or not friendly fire is on
-	MOTD from master server should now show up in the connect screen

...And many other minor bug fixes...

If you uninstall the game, you may notice remaining files from patch 1.02 and previous patches in the installed directory. These files can be deleted manually after the uninstall is completed. 

Version 1.02 CREDITS:

PROGRAMMING - Bryan Dube, Rick Johnson

	Thaddeus Sasser

	Ayal Moreno

	Peter Beal 
Scott Carrol
Claude Conkrite
	David Levin
	Matt Nelson
Charlie Staples
Ian Weyna
	Evan Wingate
	Jason Levine

CRG Testers
	Mark Ishak
	Frankie Kang
	Paul Williams

"mp_hos2" Scott McNutt, Raven
"mp_col2" Threewave Software, Inc.
"mp_pra2" Threewave Software, Inc.
"mp_kam4" Threewave Software, Inc.

Threewave Software, Inc - 
Dan 'Scancode' Gold
Michael ' Casey' Goodhead
Michael 'SLUDGE' Labbe
Mathieu 'derean' Rouleau
Maciej 'Renalicious' Kowalski

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