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This 11 (Unzipped) Meg Soldier of Fortune 2: Double Helix Press Kit contains some very cool SoF 2 material and art. I (Pro-Filer) personally...


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This 11 (Unzipped) Meg Soldier of Fortune 2: Double Helix Press Kit contains some very cool SoF 2 material and art. I (Pro-Filer) personally had never seen the concept art anywhere else before, pretty neat stuff!

Any SoF (2) fan should get this, as should people thinking about making a website about SoF 2.

Anyways, I took the time and made a complete overview of the contents of this Press Kit, enjoy!

SoF 2 Press Kit Contents:

Concept Art Columbian Bridge Thug Female Jordan Base Prague Park Prague Military Prometheus Soldier (2x) Title Image (screenshot at the beginning of this description

Feature List These are forward-looking statements. Not guaranteed for the final game release. An overview of these features / bullet points can also be found here at

John Mullins John Mullins Black Suit (Digital) John Mullins White Suit in the Snow (Digital) John Mullins in front of Raven Logo (Real-Life) One Full Page of John Mullins Biography

Logos 2 Raven Logos (Gold and Black & White) 2 Soldier of fortune 2: Double Helix Logos 1 Logo with John Mullins´ Shadow on Red BG (titled "sof2_icon_type.jpg")

Screenshots 17 Screenshots, these and more SoF 2 Screens can also be found here at

SoF 2 Awards E3 Best Technology Editor´s Choice (No clue from which publication this award comes) Voodoo Extreme "Can of Whoop Ass" Award :D Another Editor´s Choice by Note: that these are E3 awards. SoF 2 has received and will continue to receive many more awards

Wallpapers 3 (Purple) Raven Wallpapers (800, 1024 and 1152). Can also be found in our Soldier of Fortune File Archive 2 SoF 2 Wallpapers (Featuring John Mullins) 3 SoF 2 Box-Art Wallpapers (various sizes, largets being 854x1024)

Weapons AK 74 AH - M14 (Whiteout Grenade?) M4 (Sweet!!!) M67 Hand Grenade M84 (Whiteout Grenade?) USSOCOM Caliber 45 Auto, with sound demper

Web Links & Documents Web Links to various valuable SoF and SoF 2 resources, including :D

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