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Here is a new Mod. Almost all of the wepons here have been modified one way or another to help make the game easier in some places, and hard...


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Here is a new Mod. Almost all of the wepons here have been modified one way or another to help make the game easier in some places, and hard in others...The only problem is that it is only for SP :(

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Zare's Soldier of Fortune II MOD version 2.0

Created by zare@nacs.net

This MOD makes a large number of changes to the game Soldier of Fortune II.
It has been tested to work with version 1.01 and the GOLD version of
Soldier of Fortune II.

To install the MOD, copy the ZMOD20.PK3 file into the BASE folder on your
hard drive.  To uninstall it, simply delete the same file from the folder.

This MOD makes many of the good guys stronger and able to take more
damage.  It also makes many changes to the weapons.  Almost all of the
weapons can hold more ammo.  When you start a new mission, hit the reload
key with all the weapons you carry to take advantage of this change.  This
MOD also increases the maximum amount of different types of ammo you can
carry.  The best way to see all the changes is to use the GIVE ALL cheat
and try out the weapons.

The M60 machinegun is now the best weapon in the game.  It is much easier to
control, does more damage, and is far more accurate.  Some of the Marines in
Colombia now carry this weapon instead of the M4 rifle.  This weapon is also
now available in all missions where you can select your weapons.  The new
M60 has two firing modes now: burst fire and full auto.

The USAS-12 is also one of the most powerful weapons.  It can hold 30 shots
in one clip, does more damage, is more accurate and easy to control, and has
a greater range.

The Combat Knife does more damage and has a longer reach.

The pistols have larger clips and the SOCOM does more damage.

The Micro-Uzi is more accurate and holds 60 shots in one clip.

The shotgun holds 10 rounds instead of 9.

The M4 holds 60 rounds and is easier to control.  You can also carry more
grenades for the grenade launcher.

The M3A1 and AK74 hold 60 rounds in one clip.

The OICW is more accurate and easy to control.  It can hold 60 rounds.

The sniper rifle can hold 10 rounds.

The grenades are not modified, but you can now carry much more of them.

The extra weapons not in the original version of the game (1.00) are
not available with this MOD.  They have been removed so that this MOD will
work with any version of the game and not require the GOLD update.

This MOD makes some parts of the game easier and other parts more difficult.

Feel free to send or upload this MOD to anyone or anywhere.  You can also
modify it, but when sending it somewhere mention that I made the MOD before
you changed it.

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