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This is a nice file which helps you to create your own server easily. The mod it supports is Rocmod. Check the readme for all information an...


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This is a nice file which helps you to create your own server easily. The mod it supports is Rocmod. Check the readme for all information and how to use it ;)

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Download '' (787KB)

Setup for Psycho's Sof2 Standalone dedicated server "ROCMOD 2.1a"

This zip contains RocMod 2.1a (roc) - readme.txt file and the Batch file
Also I have setup a generic map rotation, The file is called myMapcycle.mapvyvle. This file can remain in your roc folder.
I have zipped up all the mod into a zip file..and set the directory structure exactly like it shoudl be. 
 Open the zip archive and then extract the contents to your 
C:/Program Files/Sof2 Gold/ directory

One the files have been extracted, goto your SOF II directory, you will see the roc folder and the ROCMOD.bat file/

The BAT file is what kicks the server into can edit any variables in the BTA file by right clicking it and choosing edit.
Current the servers bat file looks like this

SoF2MP.exe +set dedicated 2 +set fs_game roc +set vm_game gt_ctf.qvm +set dedicated 2 sv_pb_disable +exec generic.cfg
The cuurent setting has Punkbuster off. To set it to on change sv_pb_disable to sv_pb_enable/

 You can set any variable you want in the generic.cfg file that Is located
in the roc folder that was created. Editing the generic.cfg file can be done with a notepad. In the cfg you will find
all sorts of variables for your server. Up at the top you will see places like site info server info MOTD and admin email. 
can be set to your liking. The server is set to run dedicated 2. Bein that it will send a heartbeat to the master servers.

To start the server double click on the rocmod.bat file. The icon has a little sprocket icon in the middle.
A sof2 startup screen will appear on your desktop, and once fully loaded will remain there untill yu close it out. 

This means your dedicated server is up and running. If you close that window out it
will shut your server down. 
Also when it is fully loaded, you will see checking version.. at the last line. This is normal. 

You can connect VIA locally or thru the internet <thats if you can breach your firewall>
To check your TRUE INTERNET IP it will display your current unmasked IP 
which is your internet IP instead of your local. You may have to open up game ports to
 get the server to show up in the all see'in eye and other game browsers. Default port being 20100

Yuu have 2 IP's total. 1 being the 1 that starts with the 192.168... then the World IP. which you can find out what it is by
visiting that link. Anyways. 1nce you double click the batch file your server will be up and running. WOOT :)

If you have any further questions you can email me at [email protected]

PsychoStevo -=|SoCQ|=-
Soldiers of Club Quake

and a special thanks to ROC for an excellent mod :D

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