Stingers Desert Eagle

stingers_desert_eaglev.1.0.zip —


Here we have a blue steel version of the Desert Eagle which is finnished of with soiled chrome. The file comes with a new sound plus a new weapon gender. Download this great file and go check it out for yourself :)



Blue Steel Magnum Desert Eagle         by: $t!nger


$t!nger (my nickname ingame)


The process is very easy. Just put The --Magnum Desert Eagle(v.1.0).pk3-- file
in your base/mp folder in your SOF2 directory

Used Tools:
Paintshop pro 8


[email protected]

File comments:

This is the first real-based Desert Eagle skin for you guys to download,
More will folow in the near future. This one is a blue steel version with soiled chrome finish.
It comes with a new sound, and a new weapon gender. The sound is less BOOOM-like, wich is nice 
when you shoot it. So everyone, download this, and FEEL THE POWER!!!


credits go to my brother Sw!ft, for helping me making the screens, to paladin, for the gunsound,
and to MagnumResearch, for the weapon details and looks.


None of the files located in the pk3 file will overwrite or delete your original weaponskin of the talon 
in SOF2. When bored of this skin, just delete the --Magnum Desert Eagle(v.1.0).pk3-- file from
your base/mp folder.

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