The Lost City



There are 2 version of this map in the pk3. A day and a night version. Supports dm tdm ctf inf dem elim



                          The Lost City

                         Built by sL@pNuT$

 This is my first map rebuilt. I hope you like it. I never thought I
would rebuild this but everybody kept telling me how much they liked
the first. I made a rookie mistake in building the first one. Basically,
I had a slow computer and instead of checking for leaks I just boxed the 
whole thing in and did -vis -fast. This means the map was pretty much 
uncompiled. After building other maps I didn't think this one could be
optimized. I was almost right. After trying every trick I could think of.
It turned out to be a problem of distance and moving palm trees as much 
as anything else. This map is a little smaller than the original. But 
it is still very nice. There are two versions. The daytime version is 
a snipers paradise. It makes you wish the sniper had a X30 scope. 

                          The Lost City


 This is lost at night with fire and fog. I thought this would be a nice
map for elimination, infiltration, and demolition. This is also nice for 
servers that want to cut down on the sniping in CTF. This one is rock solid. I 
would recommend this one for 64 man servers. The daytime version with 64 
people might be hard to get out of spawn. Since you can see all the way 
across the map. But the choice is yours. I don't know how the daytime 
version will run on a 64. So if you get 64 people playing let me know. It's
a night map but the lighting is still easy to see in.

Gametypes (both maps) = dm tdm ctf inf dem elim
max players = 2-64. 
Installation= simply unzip directly into your base folder. usually
         C:\Program Files\Soldier of Fortune II - Double Helix\base
Features = lighting, design, new textures, new skins.

Intruders = Special thanks to TheGoat for doing the intruders.
            I needed a sleek little group of professionals that
            looked stock and he did a great job.

S.W.A.T. = I did these. No actual skins. Just a scripting trick
           that points to stock characters with different bolt-ons.
           As far as I know this is a first.


 The skins are in the sp1_players.pk3. You must have this in your base 
folder in order for the map to work. I did this because they force 
a download and because I'm going to do two other maps with them. One 
is the rebuild of Deck21 and the other is The Docks Under Siege. 
I'm just tired of the same old skins. Don't worry the client will 
automatically download the skins pack first.

 If you use bots in the night version know that they can see through fog
and will brain you from across the map. You must name the bots in order 
for them to work. The identities are female swat = swat2 male swat = swat1,
swat3,swat4, and swat5. The female intruder is intruder1. The male intruders 
are intruder2, intruder3, intruder4, and intruder5. I will have bot routes 
for all gametypes by next weekend. You name them in the bots.txt in the botfiles
folder. I'll include a generic one with the routes.

                         Game Tweaks

 If you have an old pc and are experiencing frame loss just turn on vertical sync.
Also everybody who plays this game, from the most modern computer to the oldest,
should adjust your com_hunkmegs. You can adjust it in your sof2mp.cfg or you can
press the (~) tilde key in game. The default setting is 45. For a 64 bit system
you should use 56. That is the default for quake3 engine games except this one of 
course. Just enter seta com_hunkmegs 56. You should set this to 1/4 or 1/2 of your 
system ram. Although going over 256 probably won't do anything in this game. These 
settings are based on just about every tweakguide and gaming site you will find. 
Modern games do this automatically. Your game will run better. You don't have to 
do this for this map to run but it will help with all maps.

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