Tiger Tank Prefab (Model)

tiger_tank.zip —


Here is another prefab for you mappers to use in your up and coming maps.

This md3 model was made by request based on Sir Pauls Tiger Tank Prefab.

Go give it a try in your new maps.



Name: Tiger Tank

How To:

To use this tank you must extract the files into the base folder. 

The model & textures is situated once extracted in /base/models/mapobjects/kit89. 

There is a simple shader called tiger-tank.shader in the shader folder.

To use the tank, is very much the same way as other models. The tank can only be used as a misc_model however.

The original texture files used, end in _original.xcf, you must have a photo editor like "The Gimp"( http://www.gimp.org/ ) to edit these files. If you want you can modify these textures to create your own variants of the Tiger tank.

Hope you enjoy using this tank & modifying it! :)

Any damages to your computer while using this model, is not my fault.
If model is used, please thank the appropriate person in your readme.

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