Tower of London



Large map . based on the real thing Tower of London. Excellent snipermap but supports Ctf CCTF and INF to.



File name:Tower_of_london.zipPk3 
realease date:26 march 2008
File version:V1
Author:-E*E- nomercy
Email:[email protected]:http://www.european-elites.com======================*FILE INFORMATION*======================
Supported Gametypes:Deathmatch / Team Deathmatch / CTF / CCTF / INF.
Min / Max players: 4 -> 20Weapon pickups : 
NoCustom Textures: Yes
Custom Models: No
Custom Sounds: No  
Custom Music: 
Construction Time: 4 Weeks
Editors Used: GTK Radiant 1.4.0 
Compile Time: 5 min
Bugs: none that i have seen.File Description:
This is my 4 rd map , 
A map based on a screenshot of the actual existing tower of london.
Large map with a lot of hiding places.
======================*play info*======================
Game : Soldier of Fortune 2
Type : Multiplayer 
MapTip : To my opinion map looks better when u set ur sky option to fast in gameoptions.
Supported Modes : dm,tdm,ctf,cctf,inf.Requires :
 SoF2 Full vII - Double Helix V 1.00 or higher
radiant to release the programm for the community.*
 Mods-online forum + tutorials.     
web =>   http://www.modsonline.com* 
Sof2 mapping online ( Ace ) forum .    
web =>   http://z8.invisionfree.com/Sof2_Mapping_Online* 
Soffiles for prefabs , tutorials , and to put this file on downloads  
web.   => http://soldieroffortune2.filefront.com/* 
To all clans like <<UK>> snipers , -[ FC ]- , -E*E- and others To keep the game alive
You may NOT distribute this pk3 for profit.
You may NOT make any changes to this file without strict permission from the author.

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