Train Line



Hello everyone...I would like to tell you all a little about this map. It is meant to be played as a Camper or as a map that you can run and gun in. But hold no thoughts in the back of your mind that you mite make it from one side to the other without being cut down by a player waiting in a box car. This map is a map that will test your skillz as a player with a lot of quick reflexses and a sharp eye. I have added a new game type to this map.

Infiltration < NEW

So now you have these game types: DM / TDM / CTF / CCTF / Elimination / Infiltration /

Have fun and I hope you enjoy.





Map Title                : vv_trainline
Map Version              : Vaud Villany Train Line v1.0 
Author                   : **Rebel**{Vv}
E-mail                   : [email protected]
Website                  : http://rebel.sof2files.com/


Game                     : Soldier of Fortune 2 Gold

Supported Gametype       : Multiplayer
                                     : Deathmatch
                                     : Team Deathmatch
                                     : Capture the Flag
                                     : CCTF
                                     : Elimination
                                     : Infiltration
Map Size: 1.33 MB                    : 20/40 Players : Large Map
Known Bugs >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>:N/A 

Contents of this Package :

     Maps folder / prefabs folder / Scripts folder /
     Sceenshot Folder / Shaders Folder / Textures Folder / vv_trainline.pk3
     readme. And of course the vv_trainline.pk3 file.


Installation Instructions:

     Just place the vv_trainline.pk3 into your C:drive/program
     files/sof2/base/ and go play.


Construction Time        : 1 1/2 days: Give or take...
Custom Content           : Textures : Shaders : Other
Known Bugs               : N/A
Game Rate                : (Vertical Sync OFF= 125 per second.)
                         : (Vertical Sync ON= 100 per second.)              
Compile Time             : 5:00 Min:

Credit to Other Authors  :

     Id Software for The Q3 engine
     Raven Team for SOF2:Double Helix Game and the original qvm
     Gtk Radiant Team


Special Thanks:

     Mods online for all there help sections on how to map for
     SoF2 and other games.

     SoF2 Mapping:



Additional Notes:

     Please give any feed back if you have any problems running
     this map. This map runs very well and has been tested before it's
     release to the public. Very Good FPS on this map.

          E mail: [email protected]      **Rebel**{Vv}


          PS.....I would like to add that I have enjoyed making maps 
for the SoF2 and its community. I am looking to foreword to continuing 
my support for this game even though there is a lack of gamers still 
playing it due to the new CoD 4 game that has came about in these last 
few months. I will also be looking into developing map for the CoD 4 
game as well. Please keep your eyes open for more maps from me on this 
game SoF2. & the game CoD 4.

Thank You. 


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I am in no way responsible for any damage to your PC or other devices 
do to you installing this map! It was created to run with the SoF2 game 
and it will do just that if you have placed it correctly in its proper 
files structure. All files and or content of this download were created 
and constructed correctly and have no errors or defects of any kind. 
Please understand that.................

Thank you.

**Rebel** {Vv}  

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