Uber Map Pack (fixed)

Note: This is a fixed version of the map pack. The old version had one map that was buggered (see comments section). People that alre...


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Note: This is a fixed version of the map pack. The old version had one map that was buggered (see comments section). People that already downloaded the old/buggy file can just leave the file (no need to delete it) as the installer of this new file will remove it automatically! In case you're not sure wether you have the fixed map pack or not, try this; Load a UBER map and look at the loading screen. If you see "Pharao_FS" you have the FIXED version. Should you only see "Pharao", then you have the BUGGED map pack and you should download this fixed file!

Here is the Uber Map Pack made by Pharao_PS and Marko. They have joined forces to bring you 2 maps for SoF 2. This is a pack that contains two maps. Uber jungle and Uber snow. Im sure you can figure out what surroundings you will get in each one :) The maps are huge. They are the same size as a large RMG map. The maps are intended for at least 48 players. They also support all the game types.

These maps are great in my opinion.

Uber jungle map

A nice jungle map. Lots open space. Several buildings, garages, helipad with a chopper. Sniper towers. Fill the place up with lots of people, and you have one hell of a battle filed. The map is has a very nice feel and great finishing touches. Everything has a place and it fits in. A broken car on the bridge, a little bit of water to duck under and wait for your enemies. There is so much here, yet its perfect :D And a great add on to this map. Lightening strikes!!! I tried to get a screen shot, but I couldn’t :( But I did see it in full glory. Very nice touch :D

5219a.jpg 5219b.jpg 5219c.jpg 5219d.jpg

Uber snow map

A snow map :) Another great map. Im not a great fan of snow maps, but this map is great. Buildings, lots of defensive positions. Open spaces. Sniper towers. A little bit of ice if anyone wants to do a little ice skatting :beer: Also this map has a lovely supprise. Two cable cars that move up and down the map. A nice trick to learn is to jump between them ;). Im not a fan of snow maps, but this map is brilliant :D

5219e.jpg 5219f.jpg 5219g.jpg 5219h.jpg

These maps are just brilliant. I was very impressed with these maps and Im sure that you will be too. Also the two maps are installed for you with a nice installation program :)

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Download 'uber_map_pack.exe' (4.1MB)

Title                   : INSTALL.EXE
BSP Name     1          : uber-jungle.bsp
BSP Name     1          : uber-snow.bsp
Author       1          : Pharao_FS "Pharao_@t-online.de"
Author       1          : Marko     "mark.reeve@club-internet.fr"
Release Date            : Sep. 4, 2002
Home Page               : www.pharao-fs.de.vu 
Home Page               : http://markoweb.free.fr/
Game                    : Soldier of Fortune II 
Players                 : 48 +


* MAP PACK Information *

Beta release            : no



* Construction *

Editor used             : Q3Radiant 1.0 beta build(198)


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