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script.jpgThis script binds your primary weapon, secondary weapon, nade, lean lock, jump crouch, and crouch lock all to buttons. So when your in a fight you dont accidentally pull out a knife when the other person has a shotty :D. Give it a try see what you think :)

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Download 'ulti-script.zip' (2KB)


Put the .cfg in ure base folder...and when ingame type exec ulti-script.cfg in the coinsole :)

Ok this script has many features...here goes..

The main feature is the weapon toggle...Mouse wheel up (or wateva u want to change it to)
for ure primary weapon...Mouse wheel down (or wateva  wanna change it to) for secondary weapon.

Ever been in a fire fight and changed to ure pistol by accident? with this that isnt a worry..
because pistol and knives aren't linked to this...if u want these just bind another key to next wep or somethin...

Where are nades i hear u ask...

well in my script there is a handy quick nade script... when u push mouse 5 (or wateva u want to change it to)
it automatically brings out ure nade...pulls the pin...and holds it...another click from mouse 2 throws it...
But after it has thrown it it automatically switches back to ure last weapon :)

Leaning can b a pain...so i made this...it locks your leaning...no more trying to hold in the lean key while shooting..
and as soon as u move forward or back it automatically comes out of a leaning state...Ideal for sniping...
I've Binded it to numpad 4 and 6...but thats easily changeable to suit ure config....

Another handy feature is the crouch/jump and crouch lock...when press ure jump key..(mines end (i think) again easily changeable)
It will automatically jump and crouch for u...and another feature to save ure fingers is crouch lock...
this is the same as lean lock...its bound to delete at the moment but again u can change it to wat u want.

Theres more too...

F11 starts/stops recording a demo...good to remember those perfect rounds by ;)

F12 takes a screenshot...pretty self explanatory...

But my favourite feature is the Mp3 player...

Type in the name of ure song..next to theme...without .mp3 on the end...make sure the song's in
ure base/mp folder...change the Now Playing: ****** with the name of your song
Hit c and ure playin!

And one last thing...as this is my 1st one theres 1 little problem...sometimes (i dont know why if u figure it out email me at the addy below)
it wont shoot...but a quick tap of mouse 2 fixes this and ure ready to start fraggin again...sometimes mouse 2 also changes weapons for some reason
(if u figure this out plz email me at the addy below) but this isnt really a problem,



IFF_Ryan@hotmail.com or add me to msn =)

ANYWAY have fun and happy fraggin!!!!

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