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-Adjusted NPC battle tactic. -NPC adjusted that will use more various weapons. -NPC will know to reload MM1 an...


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-Adjusted NPC battle tactic. -NPC adjusted that will use more various weapons. -NPC will know to reload MM1 and RPG7 right now. -Changed some soldier's appearances and Prometheus Sniper's skin to "deadmeat". -Separated PK3 of NPC file, so that user can use these maps in other SP Mod, just remove z_NPC.pk3(Optional) -the z_NPC.pk3 can make ur game playable with special weapons(OICW,MM1,RPG7...) in other "SP maps". -This file make a new night sky in Finca1 map:) -Fixed some error in all the maps. -black models textures fixed. -1st map add more item to pick up. -3rd map has full music Linkin Park play in the whole level. -6th map add more enemy. -Changed some map textures -Lights adjusted. -added exit warning. -final map added few exit doors(trap) -Arranged the map sources.

*** This is for Single Player Only ***

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Download 'kin_maps_updated.zip' (42.69MB)

To original Author:

	-Thanks to all the valued original creators, that i had used your released map sources to develope SP game maps. 
	hopefully you all can allow me to do this... Your design i will appreciate it. 



	-Other than new SP maps, in this file also contain of NPC files that 
	make the game support NPC able to use special weapons such as OICW, 
	Silver Talon, MP5 and Sig551. Its work in original maps too.

	-Addition of new sky and new music in the game.

	-Special game music(songs) for every map, the music Artist such as 
	Mission Impossible2,Limp Bizkit,Linkin Park,Titanic Sound Tracks,P.O.D., 
	Lord of Ring sound track, and more!

	-The map sources will be included for who interested in SP game
	and return back to the original map author.



	-The new NPC has adjusted for SOF2 GOLD (v1.03)only. Now enemy will have 
	few more guy to use the heavy weapon such as MM1 and RPG7.

	-The story of this SP maps is John Mullins is having a war journey like Quake1.
	Confuse? Anyway, the exit door will teleport player to new area(next map).

	-There could be no ending for this game, after defeat the boss(osprey)
	or u can escape to exit, you will be teleport back to the first map, 
	but start again battle with current weapons that you have. 
	Couldn't it to be infrequence?

	-Avoid use other NPC Mod(.pk3) that will make enemy show differently.
	They might no use the special weapons.

	-Sometimes you will see few shop guard, they will help u attack the enemy.
	But normally they easily get killed. Hostages also will be around anywhere.

	-The sixth map called JA's building, actually the main building is import from 
	the "mp_ja.map"(uncomplete map) The environment and textures
	is my own edition. Moreover, "mp_beach" is from EaroCool's work which is 
	also not a released map, and i had turn it to SP map.

	-These maps is proposed made for Kin Edition 2008 SP Mod.

	-Thanks for downloading it and previous rated. Hope u enjoy the maps journey!
	I would like to build more new SP game again if have more map sources:)

	-To be continue... more SP maps still in construction...

	-Drop me an email if u have any suggestion for SP map:P



	After unzip, paste the PK3 files into your game base folder,bring down the console(Shift + ~), 
	type in "map sof2-kin1" then press enter to begin! 
	(example: C:Program FilesSoldier of Fortune II - Double Helix GOLDbase)



sof2-kin1.bsp		(mp_beach)		=> Author: EaroCool	
sof2-kin2.bsp		(RMS_titanic)		=> Author: Dustin
sof2-kin3.bsp		(rtw_mc_do)		=> Author: Marko
sof2-kin4.bsp		(HiSkool)		=> Author: CaSBoY
sof2-kin5.bsp		(helmsdeep)		=> Author: kit89
sof2-kin6.bsp		(JA's building)		=> Author: EaroCool
sof2-kin7.bsp		(Logowear)		=> Author: kit89

	-Thanks for all the original Authors of the map that release the .MAP
	file for me to covert into SP game. The credits has given above the list.
	I am just the a sub-author only...


Reference for SinglePlayer Game maps:

PLACES		WEAPONS()=female					

Prague 		-pistolS,m3a1,uzi		-m67,F1
Colombia	-M60,MSG +rpg7			-M84,m15
Finca		-MP5,AK74 			-MDN11,smohg
Liner		-m3a1,uzi			-ANM,L2A2
Hong Kong	-551,AK74(uzi) +rpg7		-f1,m15
Kamchatka	-OICW,AK74 			-M67,M84
Indoor snow	-M4,usas,mm1			-MDN11,ANM14
Air+Hos		-M4,551,mp5 +rpg7		-L2A2,Smohg
Shop		-OICW,usas,M60(MP5)		-mdn


 Map Known Bugs:

	-In sof2-kin3 map has some ladder seem not easily to climb... 

	-Some object cannot be destroy.

	-The maps edited is not 100% correct.
	-If there you find more bugs please let me know. 

	-Sorry for bad broken English...


*Special Thanks*

-Mr. Goody
-Mr. Strider


* Warning - Must Read and Understand Before Use*

The author of this file accepts no responsibility for damage to data, 
or physical damage
to hardware, caused by the appropriate or inappropriate use of this file. It is deemed 
that users who 
run this file, automatically are considered as having read and understood 
this liability clause before using the said file.

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