Uries Bind Mod

This file contains 15 binds, go check them out and see what you think :p


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File Description

This file contains 15 binds, go check them out and see what you think :p

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Download 'ubm.zip' (49KB)

Name: Uries

Instructions: Extract Files. Edit name to your choosing but keep colours intact.

Description: F keys switch Fades, p key says thanx in the fade selected, the k
key shows all the lower case letters in their colours, l key shows all of upper 
case letters in their colours, ' says knife in the selected fade, h displays the fade
currently in use, g restores your name, Mouse2 shows health and armor, switches to third
and . switches to first.

Fades: Green to White, Orange to White, Pink to White, Blue to White, Dark Grey to White,
Purple to White, Rainbow, Red to White, Cyan to White, Fire Fade (Red to Yellow)
, Green to Grey, Orange to Grey, Blue to Grey, Pink to Grey and Cyan to Grey.

Warning! The maker of this Fade Pack can not be claimed responisble for any
incompatibility loss of files or damage to data that may have been caused 
by this program. You are using this program at your own risk make a back-up
folder if you want to be safe.

Website: None

Email: [email protected]

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