This is a tribute to an Unreal Tournament map. It is a very close and nicely done replica :) This was originally a CTF map, but this map supports a number of game types. It is a large map, good for 16+ players. The map is made up of 2 sides which are different. They are seperated by a main room with a sub in it. This is a map that test skill and team work.

It feels so different from UT due to the weapons. But it is nicely done and deserves at least one :beer: :D



Title                   : UT_November (Final)
Date                    : 10/16/02 
Version			: final
Filename                : UT_November.bsp
Author                  : MidKnight
Email                   : [email protected]

Description             : Tribute to the popular Unreal Tournament map CTF-November

* Play Information *

Game                    : Soldier of Fortune 2
Type                    : Multiplayer
Supported Modes		: DM, CTF, INF, TDM, DEM, ELIM
Requires                : SoF2 Full Version 1.02 or higher
Players                 : as many as you want but better with large numbers

* Construction *

Base                    : Unreal Tournament CTF-November
Editor                  : GTKRadiant
Buildtime               : 20min
Known Bugs              : 
Features                : 
New Textures?		: No
New Sounds?		: No
Custom Soundtrack?	: No

Compile Machine         : AMD thunderbird 750
Compile Time            : 20min

* Installation *                

The .pk3 file should be extracted to the user's SoF2 /base/ directory.

* To Play *

Start an SoF2 Multiplayer Game.
Select <Map Name> from the multiplayer server list.
*or pull down the console (~) and type : map <mapname>

* Credits *

PlanetSoldierofFortune.com - Your source for SoF\SoF2 news, information, and content.

* Permissions*

All original and composed textures or assets in this level remain property of
the sources respective owners.
You MAY distribute this PK3 in any not-for-profit electronic format (BBS, Internet,
CD, etc) as long as you contact me first, and include all files, including this readme, intact in
the original archive.

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