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Here's the latest version of the famous High Wire map. There are a lot of similarities with the previous High Wire versions when it comes t...


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Here's the latest version of the famous High Wire map. There are a lot of similarities with the previous High Wire versions when it comes to the layout of the map. what has exactly been changed you wonder now? Well, to start with the colour of the textures. The map is not longer grey and dark but now it's a bit more green/brown alike. This looks in my opinion better than the previous colours in High Wire.

There are a few changes when it comes to the layout, eg. different buildings and added sniperspots. The high tower is still in the map but in the tower itself a few things have been changed.

There are new teleporters and jumppads in the map which makes the map less realistic but more dynamic. It's easier to get up a building, no need for long stairs. A jump pad will do ;) There are still stairs though, fortunately. Now if you fancy a nice snipermap go check this one out. It's certainly worth to try. Unfortunately I don't really know which gametypes are supported since it isn't stated in the readme. I tried the map with DM and it worked and according to the readme CTF works too. Enjoy.

This is the second version, many things have changed, eg. textures have been changed, new features have been added plus the TDM gametype is now available too.

Supported Gametypes: DM, TDM, CTF Pickups Supported: Yes

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Download 'vv_high_wire_4v2.zip' (2MB)

************************VV High Wire 4 Version 2**********************


After the large respond on the vv_high_wire_4 map, I sat back and redid
some of it. 

- Some major bugs have been fixed and sorted out
- The Light of the map has been improved and made more realistic
- Some new features have been added, one tiny secret and an additional
- The CTF Arena has been improved. Backpacks are available now
- One more Gametype is available now (Team Deathmatch)
- Some textures have been changed for less bugs

As u can see the map has improved a lot. 
Exchange it with the 1st version and have fun fragging :)


Map Title                : vv_high_wire_4v2
Map Version              : 2.0 Fixed Final
Author                   : mfoxxvv alias |V.'.V|<--VulpEs!
E-mail                   : [email protected]
Website                  : www.fragger.info


Game                     : Soldier of Fortune II Double Helix

Supported Gametype       : Multiplayer
                         : Deathmatch / Team Deathmach / Capture the Flag

Map Size                 : 12-20 : Large Map


Contents of this Package :

     Multiplayer Deathmatch Map vv_high_wire_4v2


Installation Instructions:

     Place this pk3 file in your base SOF II Base Directory.
     (example: C:\Program Files\Soldier of Fortune II - Double
     Helix\ Base)


Construction Time        : 4 weeks (ca.)

Custom Content           : none
Known Bugs               : none, should be all fixed


Credit to Other Authors  :

     Thanks to all that helped me with this project. 
	- MODSonline.com
	- The Guys from FileFrontForum
	- ACE who helped me with some major problems
	- Musik [email protected] for his great support
	- The Members of the Best Clan on SOF : the |V.'.V| 
	  the best Map tester available :)     


Special Thanks           :

     Special Thanks to Brigzy the Author of the tb_maps 
     and of course tb_high_wire_2! 
     Thank you for making this possible!
     Thanks to the:	=TFB= Clan, 
			|*TdS*| Clan (especialy Welder67 :P)
			Soffiles.com for there great support 
			and all the guys that downloaded and love the map!


Additional Notes         :

     This is the 4th version of T H E Snipermap on SOF II
     Multiplayer! TB High Wire! This time its designed for the
     |V.'.V|<-- Clan!
     Happy fraggin all :)


Visit MODSonline.com for custom game content:
     Downloads, Projects, Forums, Tutorials, Videos, Reviews, News, etc.


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