Weapon Camo Skin Pack

Wicked Camo Weapon Skin Pack, replaces all weapon colors with cool new camo colors.


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Wicked Camo Weapon Skin Pack, replaces all weapon colors with cool new camo colors.

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Download 'camo_weapon_pack.zip' (2.31MB)

***This is a pack for your weapons to look more realistc in jungle
 maps. If you want another kind of weapon we have more, snow and hills,
 at http://flash.to/ph0b0s. This weapon pack was well design and tested 
very accurately with jungle maps. This pack was also tested with various 
skins so therefore is best used with skins that are jungle camo too. 
The map colombia mp_col1 was the first that we tried. It looks very 
similar with the skins so it will be much harder for you to see them 

***This pack does not only alter your weapon but everyone's else
 too. This is all the pack is about. Making other people's weapon real 
too. When you drop a weapon the skin will be the same as the one you
 carry, meaning the one you see when you are using. Grenades are also 
in camo effects. One thing that is really important too, this pack 
will only change your view of the things. Your enemy or ally will not
 see the same thing as you do unless he has the Camo weapon pack
 v1.0 too. This pack is highly recommended to clans, LAN partys and 
skilled players who like to challenge themselves at the higher levels.
***Does it mean it will be harder for who has the pack? In a 
certain way it does. People will blend with the jungle environment a
 lot more and when we say blend we really mean it. You have to 
take a look to see the changes. It may be harder but more fun and 
realistic at the same time. We also have desert and snow weapons 
pack. Check it out. If you like this one you might like the 
other's too.

***We are also developing a pack that will change the radio comands 
to foreign languages command such as; Russian, Spanish, Female Catonese,
Male Catonese and Female american.

*|       SeTuP       |*

1.  Unzip the Camo weapon pack.pk3 file to your MP folder which is on
your soldier of fortune 2 base folder.  

i.e   C:/program files/Soldier of Fortune II - Double Helix/base/MP

2.  You are done. There is nothing else needed. No setup, nothing. Load 
your Multi-player game and get ready.


Important notice to CLANS

    We also make custom weapon skins for your clan of LAN party or even 
you who just want to put your name on it or a symbol. You can just go to 
our web site or e-mail us at ph0b0s@attbi.com. There is no cost. 

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