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This is a single player mod to change the game into something funny. An M60 with flame bullets :D Sorta reminds me of SoF1. This mod change...


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This is a single player mod to change the game into something funny. An M60 with flame bullets :D Sorta reminds me of SoF1. This mod changes a number of weapons in the game to add a spark of fun to the game. The mod is still in development. So test it and give him feedback on how to make it better if its your kind of thing ;) :beer:

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Download 'toadmod.zip' (127KB)

----Weapon Code Change Pack By AcousticToad----

THIS IS PURLEY FOR FUN (Its no way realistic, its just made to have a laugh and put the spark back into SOF2 SP) in single player, makes changes to many parts of the weapons code, its still in testing, but people wanted me to release it, so here it is.

Heres a list of changes:

Knife :- Capable of One hit dismemberment.

Pistols :- No Change to 1911 US SOCOM has a experimental Iron Site, looks stupid duel though.

USAS :- No Change

M590 :- Many more pellets come out at a foward cone of 100 degrees, 90 shells in the clip.

Uzi and Grease Gun :- Added burst, auto and single shot modes.

M4 :- Moved into weapon section 7 to give it barrel smoke.

AK-74 :- No Change.

OICW :- No Change.

MSG90A1 :- 15 rounds in a clip.

M60 :- Has 3 fire modes (single, burst and auto) also has flame bullets.

RPG-7 :- Goes in the M4 section (number 5) Fires knives at extreamly high velocity.

MM-1 :- No Change, but has a bug,  it doesnt work right any more, fires out replicas of itself that dont do much damage.

Section 8 (Grenades):- No Change Here.


Unzip The Zip File Name "Toadmod" Then Place the Pk3 File "Toadsmod" in the "base" directory, default should be "c:/program files/Soldier of Fortune II - Double Helix/base" and run the game, if needed, press the console key(`)and type "exec modded.pk3" and it should run.
The Zip Should Contain These Items:-

toadsmod.pk3 - The Changes File.
modread.txt - This File Your Reading.
flame.jpg - A Sample Picture Of What One Of The Changes Is.

		Future Changes And Contact Numbers.

All the weapons are eventualy gonna be modded, MM-1 will be changed into a dog thrower :)
Many AI's were harmed in the making of this mod.
This Is My First Go At Real Modding.
Fell free to contact me at : acoustictoad@hotmail.com


		Legal Crap

Remember that if something bad happens (IE, PC explodes) because of 
this addon, do not blaim me for it, its a USE AT YOU OWN RISK thing.
This is in no way associated with Raven Software (unless you count the game it was created for) or Activision.
Feel free to put it on the net as long as this text file is included.
No sticking it on a disc without my permission first.

		End Of Legal Crap

One Rule :- Have fun!


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