Weed Nades

|UsO|[- x|X|x. And he is only 10 years old,...


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This skin will change the look of your default frag nades, this make over has been supplied by -]|UsO|[- x|X|x. And he is only 10 years old, so be nice :) go give it a try and see what you think;)

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Download 'weednades.zip' (71KB)

<~~~~~]This skin has been made for you by : -]|UsO|[- x|X|x[~~~~~>

<~~~~~]To get this to work put this in soldier of fortune/base/mp[~~~~~>

<~~~~~]Please enjoy this skin if you want to speck to x|X|x his MSN e-mail is : nightmare865@hotmail.com : [~~~~~>

10 years old skinner

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