White Lion M4

[nfurn@ss ;)


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A very cool M4 skin by ][nfurn@ss ;)

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Download 'white_lion_m4.zip' (197KB)


Coments = A cool white lion camo style of skin, hope ya all like it :-).

Installation = Really simple to tell u the truth put it in ur sof2 mp folder.

Uninstallation = Delete the .pk3 from ur sof2 mp folder.

Info = A tiger skin style m4, my personal favorite.

Designing = Paint Shop Pro 7.2.

Website = Being designed at da Moment.

Support = infurnass@hoymail.com.

Disclamer = I take no responsibility for anything with ur comps, it should not screw it up but if so u cant blame
             me :-), well u could but ts not my fault :/

Produced and made By ][nfurn@ss.


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