XsMod Soundpack Menu



This facility will help you quickly view, try and send the voice-commands for the soundpacks used on the XsMod servers.



XsMod Soundpack Menu
Developer: Christian V. Schmidt, aka Commando.DK
Host address: SoF3.TK

This facility will help you quickly view, try and send the voice-commands for the soundpacks used on the XsMod servers.

Each page will show up to 20 sounds with buttons to hear the sounds locally before sending them.
There are buttons to browse to the next or previous 20 sounds and to skip through the next or previous 200 sounds. There are also a button to switch through the various soundpacks that the menu supports.

This feature is a userinterface that makes it possible to scroll through the sounds in a soundpack and send the selected one using the keyboard. It also includes a feature to enter a sound-number with the numeric keys without typing @. Every time a new sound is selected, its text is shown to the user in the upper left corner of the screen. The same key is used to send the selected sound, as was used to open the scroller.

 Default Keys:
F5 Start scrolling
 4 Scroll 100 backward
 5 Scroll 10 backward
 6 Scroll 1 backward	(skips unused sound-numbers)
 7 Scroll 1 forward	(skips unused sound-numbers)
 8 Scroll 10 forward
 9 Scroll 100 forward
F5 Send the selected sound

F6 Start typing a sound-number
F6 Send the typed sound-number

F7 Play the selected/typed sound locally / Open the sound-menu. 

F8 Switch to the next soundpack in the cycle.

All keys are reset after a sound is sent from the Sound-scroller.
Key-settings are defined (and can be modified) in the files:

The Sound-scrollers are quicker to use, if you know the number of the sound you want to send, and unlike the menu, you won't have to halt everything else while you use them. The binds on F5, F6 and F8 have however been disabled in SMconfig.cfg for this release, because they can cause some confusion to the nøøbs. Simply open SMconfig.cfg and remove the comment-sequences in front of the binds to re-enable them.

Extract the pk3 and the cfg-files to your XsMod folder.

This product is freeware and you can use it as you please.
Use of it is your own responsibility.
Credits are appreciated of course.

A similar version of this menu has been contributed to XsMod 8. But realizing that it will work in XsMod 7 as well and that it would end up here on SoFFiles anyway, I decided to go ahead and upload a version by my self right away.


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