Best friends Clan Award

**UNITED** ORGANIZE BEST Friends SOF2 CLAN AWARD 2009 **UNITED** We Playing several Game mode’s as TDM/CTF//ELIM/DEM...each evening we...

0 15 years ago
Scrim wanted

Scrim / Match request form For submition to the Soffiles news section Clan Name:**UNITED**UTD Date submitted for scrim: favorite Tue...

0 16 years ago
Scrim / Match request form

Scrim / Match request form For submition to the Soffiles news section Clan Name:HeadHunters-United Date submitted for scrim: Clan...

0 17 years ago
#SquaD -> Fun Scrims Wanted

Clan Name: #SquaD Date submitted for scrim: everyday Clan website URL: www.tgk-clan.net/squad (temporary url) ---------------------...

0 17 years ago
Scrim With UK Snipers

For submition to the Soffiles news section Clan Name: SNIPERS Date submitted for scrim: 14 AUG 07 Clan website URL: WWW.UKSNIPERS.C...

0 17 years ago
Looking for a clan match. Advertise here.

Soffiles will now advertise for clans that are looking for another clan to scrim against. To advertise your clan get this form http://soldi...

0 17 years ago
New ICS 2.2 server!

Heads up guys, anyone who's keen on the ICS mod, there is now a server up. [quote]Xtreme Soldiers clan are running its new server #2 with...

0 19 years ago
Clan Tactics back on its feet.

After a brief down time Clan Tactics are back on-line: [quote][url]www.clantactics.com[/url] After a lot of trouble with hosting, Clan...

0 19 years ago
ClanBase Open Cups

ClanBase Open Cups are starting soon and SoF2 clans can signup for the Open Cups ClanBase will be running. Last year was a big succes with m...

0 20 years ago
Royal Rumble CTF SoF Tournament

The new Royal Rumble CTF is launched. It's one big organisation for all kinds of tournaments, cups and leagues for Soldier of Fortune. At ...

0 21 years ago
SoF Powers Best Clan Competition

SoF Powers Best Clan Competition has started. If you think your clan website has got what it takes, then email your clan name and web addres...

0 21 years ago
SoF2 Web Has Started A Mad Ass Clans Competition

This is a cool new competition being held for SoF2 Clans: [quote]Look here all SOF2 Clans. If you have a mad ass web site send us a link ...

0 21 years ago
New Clan Templates for SoF II Websites

Got a clan but not a website? Not satisfied with your current layout? Weedman is making an excellent work in this area: "Well while brow...

0 21 years ago
{DCA}'s League

{DCA} Has started his own league, some of you will think whats that wel its almost the same as the Total Carnage League only this league is ...

0 21 years ago