Another review of SoF 2

Another Sof2 review and as usual they are positive about the game. Why wouldn't they ;) [quote] Gameplay Of all the 1st person shooter...

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SoF 2 in TRUE 3D: Pro-Filer reviews the E-D (3D) Glasses!!!

Most likely you've noticed the E-D Glasses advertisements around the site already. They claim that with the 3D Glasses, you can experience ...

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Laser SoF 2 Review

The Laser did a nice lil' SoF 2 Review (better late then never :D)[quote]All in all, playing Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix was an enjo...

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Two more SoF 2 reviews

Its been out for some time now, but the reviews of the game just keep coming in. If you want to check them out here are the links: Gamito...

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Three new Soldier of Fortune 2 reviews

Soldier of Fortune 2 is out for a few weeks now, but still the reviews keep coming in. This time 3 new reviews for you to read: - http:/...

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New Sof 2 review

A new review of SoF2. Yes, I know another one.... Gone Gold SoF 2 Review 86/100, and great use of sound :D...

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New Soldier of Fortune 2 reviews

This week there are 5 new reviews on Soldier of Fortune 2: - http://www.geekshelter.com/view.php?section=reviews%26idnum=38 (9.2 out 10) ...

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Still undecided if you gonna buy Soldier of Fortune 2 or not??

These reviews help help you decide :D * http://www.totalvideogames.com/tvg.php?review_read=true&review_id=650 * http://www.spinxero.com/...

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Soldier of Fortune 2 review on Pregaming.com

[url="http://www.pregaming.com/"]Pregaming.com[/url] has just published a new review form Soldier of Fortune 2: [quote][b]Rating: 9[/b] ...

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Soldier of Fortune 2 MP test review on NGI (Italian language)

NGI has made a review on the SOF2 MP Test... Too bad the review is in Italian language so i can't read it, but it also has some cool frag...

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