Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix

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Maps WinterMaps 122010

Winter-maps for the game Soldier of Fortune II


Gaming Server Christmas Mappack

includes.BBC_vs_GwfcBBC_Xmaitalymp_crazyxmasNSDQ_Kamxmastri_landsUK_xmasvvxmaswinter_praguexmas_highwirexmas_alleyXmaslor_finalAll credit is...


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Maps mp_office_hqtex

because I wan't to get the best out of the map.


Utilities mp_office_source

ask me for permission to edit this.


Maps rk_highrise

Lots of gametypes can be played: DM TDM CTF CCTF INF DEM and ELIM.In ELIM mode red team and blue team are separated on two closed rooftops t...


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Mods Goldrush 3.0

Goldrush is a multiplayer mod for Soldier of Fortune 2!To play Goldrush 2.2 you NEED to have the SOFII 1.03 patch (Gold) installed!www.psych...


Maps RCF_V18

me)PS : This map is close from a map called "Fragger Apartments".


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Maps 'OMA' Mappack

some playing maps for sof2


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Maps 9.LAN-Maps

some playing maps for SoF2


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Mods Full-PP Update v2.0

>>> is a complete package the much unites > pw for archiv:


Skins U.S. Army

deployed in Afghanistan this year is very cool. I also tried to be more realistic when it comes to bolt ons.This skin pack will replace Prom...


Mods CGSmod

movie added to the "About" menu background.-"Help" menu added to the options-Set / change your crosshair functions, such as the colours, gro...


Maps Chubby House

this is a quick map i did that has four levels Chubby House You will die if fall so keep your wits about you and have fun


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Maps [PP] Belkam

Three popular maps have been combined here.This map is a combination of Hong Kong Hotel, Belfast and Kammy.It is very large, so it only make...


Maps Cell_13

This prison based map is designed to give the player fast action gameplay with a large range of weapons for your killing needs.supported Gam...


Maps DM_Bomber-Hangar

Just a quick made map.You playing in a Hangar around & into a Aircraft.Thats allThis map supports dm tdm elim gametypes.Cheers


Maps City.of.Terror_mp

load the map for bug hunting...OMG, what happend here.Shaders and textures are missing, some invisible brushes are blocking the streets and...


Skins blkm1911a1 pistol

all the sound mods)


Skins blkshotty

Back Goat I hope this is one of many new files we see from you :)


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Maps TOYz_mp

furnituresThis kind of map has a specific name but i dont know it yet...something like Padman or so...This map supports dm tdm elim inf and...


Maps Flaposeum

A map in which in the main room is a coloseum. Due to the amount of teleports and the amount of symmetry in the map, it's hard to find your...


Maps Kowloon

Mission Pack for Soldier of Fortune 2.A never before seen branch of the Mullins storyFeatures:3 missions New EnemiesNew LevelsNew TexturesNe...


Maps Pandenic City (dm tdm)

Another city map for you guys.Its not an eye catcher, but its nice.This map is dm and tdm gametype supported.Its makes no sense to support c...


Maps [PP] Cratelanes

Description:Here we have a ctf map which is based around lots and lots of crates. This map is full of fast paced action and is great fun for...


Maps [PP] Skidrow

Team:"18vs18"Number of Players in FreeForAll:"18"Map is based on "kamwinter_beta", be found at:http://soldieroffortune2.filefron...


Maps DM_CauldronCircus

version the playfield is segmented into lot parts of Jump-Pads !See the Screenshot and you get an idea what im talking.NOTICE:Set your Serve...


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Maps Macino City 2 -now INF support-

Macino City now with INF support ;)This was a wish of the user deezus, so here is my friend !Have fun.


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Maps Macino City

Hey dudes.This is another try to build a larger (+32) City map.Heres the result -Macino City-Its not my best map but makes hopely fun to pla...


Mods OMWMod-Client-v1.0c

Fix* Crash Fix .5) Add* HeadShots Counter * HeadShot Counter on ur ScoreBord . 6) Add* 15/10 Minutes Left * Add this into ur Voicecmds.cfg.


Mods OMWMod-Server V.1.0c

showes Not Ping .3) Add* New Loading Screen .4) Fix* Crash Fix .5) Add* HeadShots Counter * HeadShot Counter on ur ScoreBord . 6) Add* 15/10...


Maps Thanatos Arena (Death Arena)

Map based on Roman times with two temples, bath house, gardens, water features and catacombs...Should be a good map for snipes, runners, cam...


Mods OMWMod-Client

mutch more , but dont forget guys its still version 1.0b so more comming .


Mods OMWMod-Server-Botsfiles

mutch more , but dont forget guys its still version 1.0b so more comming .


Mods OMWMod

mutch more , but dont forget guys its still version 1.0b so more comming .


Maps 20th Century Fox Roof

born to create this.So looked around the Web and found a JK3 Map with this same theme.Ive stored the Screenshots and start to rebuild the ma...


Maps SniperHotel2-LAGGFIXED

was drawn in black:changed from misc_model to model_staticLagg Problem:Two house are copied and not moved, so the Walls are sticking into an...


Maps dm_Quake-Towers




Okay Guys.This is the Final MDCC Map.I spend two days of time for finishing this big map.Well, have fun with this.GreetsLC


Maps mp_Cityjungle

For this month its my last map i think, but i have some more ideas..Now its Time to finish my MDCC Map, will see what happend with this.Gree...


Skins Templars vs Kings

perfectionist king.Kings were the original presidents, but half of them were cruel. They value order most of all, but deep down they really...


Maps MP_Free-Run

but i think its makes fun on CTF.Thats is...CheersLittleCaesar


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Skins US Army Snow ops

of their backs. And one marine had no helment. Now 3 of them have their helments back. And the backpacks are back as well. The top of the sk...


Maps [PP] Solid Cube

seconds or if a player is leniently with the prisoner. Hope the map fun and SoF2 makes you remains so longer in the life.Kommentar: (deutsch...


Maps DM_Treehuts

playing.cheersLCScreenshots in the PK3 ? LC they are not needed in there. ;)


Maps Domino Run

the screenshots inside the pk3 file so this could have been 1 mb smaller in file size.


Maps Carousel Mall

store fronts, the two anchor storefronts, a new back hall to the food court area, truer structural design to the real mall, and a new movie...


Maps MDCC Clan map--now get the source

diese Map.Abgabe nur an einem Clan, MapSource gibts per E-Mail [email protected] Map ist lauffhig, es fehlen ledi...


Skins PH GUN PACK 2.0

enjoy it! developed by -PH- DANall credit goes to Purple Haze


Maps Operation 7

for 32 playerWish you all lot of Fun !Watch out for my futures maps ...GreetsLittleCaesar aka (CCS)LittleCaesar


Maps PP_Backyard Return

Idee von unserem Clanmember Giz ;)


Skins US Snow-Ops

on arm, and the other has a freemason logo. It has the pyramid from the one dollar bill with the words around it.


Skins United States Army Skins

the skins!


Mods Soldier of Fortune II Joel's Weapons Modification 1.0

JWM is a multiplayer weapons modification for Soldier Of Fortune 2: Double Helix It means: "Joel's Weapons Modification" I made it for LAN g...


Mods Joel's Weapons Modification

JWM.What It Replaces:- Skins- Sounds- Accuracy- Damage- Rate Of FireTo install, just unzip JWM.pk3 in a new folder called JWM in your SOF2 m...


Maps gaf_glasswar

supportedI threw in a fog version aswell (gaf_glasswar_fog)


Mods Fireballs

other people say it seems more like your spitting them, like a dragon.


Mods BIOSCHOCK Thunder Hands

a try. :)


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Skins Rusted Iron & Brass Sniper Rifle

mixture into it. The brass is still shiny but has a look of antique to it. All together, It realy looks good in deathmatch as soldier from t...


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Maps Minotaur's Maze

:)This is a dungeon and it looks quite basic however there are some nice effects usein here and a lot of suprises.Worth the download and as...


Maps Belfast [PP] Winter-Edition

Slater with friendly approval from Douglas Giovany "FastbackV8"