Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix

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All Files By Esf-lone
M60 Green Dragon M60

This skin replaces the look of the multiplayer M60 to green with a dragon on it. Bored of the default skins? Then give this a test


M4 Red Dragon M4

This is an updated version of the the Red Dragon M4 skin.:) this skin replaces the look of the M4 , and has a picture of a dragon on the sid...


M4 Red Dragon M4

This skin replaces the look of the multiplayer M4 to red, and the M203 too a darker black, bored of the default skins? then give this a test...


Skin Packs Forest camo

This changes the marine camo's to the forest camo's.


Skin Packs Clown Squad

These are some nicely done evil clowns why because they shoot people, these replace the colombians, a nice skin for all those people that wa...



This is a skin for the OICW gun made for SOF2, looks good, have fun with it :)


M590 Shotgun Red Rocket

This is a nice shotgun skin, looks good in the game with its bright red colour. A nice 1 for your collection :)


Huds Hell Hud

This changes the look of your hud,ammo bar, health bar,and radar into a hellish looking skin.


Huds [ESF] Hud

This changes the look of you Hud -=Lone=-had this to say This is a hud a lot of people have asked me to send them and i have f...


Frag Mr. Happy Frag Nade

This skin for your frag nade, has a pic of Mr. Happy on it :) Well its different wipe that smile off your enemy's face.. Enjoy


Frag Mr Unhappy Frag Nade

A light hearted skin for the frag nade, its got an unhappy face on it, guess you throw it then !!! ;)


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Audio Farting talon

This is a sound i have made for the silver talon, it replaces the normal fireing sound with a fart :) hehe, and if you dont know this is no...


No Screenshot
Weapons Dust M590

Dust-colored skin for the M590. Nice skin.