The end of Payback ?

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It would seem that Activisions support for Soldier of Fortune Payback is at a end. The official site ( has been closed and redirected to Activisions main site. The 1.1 Vista fix patch has also been removed from there site. Soldier of Fortune and Soldier of Fortune 2 have been removed from there list of games as well. The SoF Payback forums are still up but some people have reported that the server list is showing dead servers and that the Cauldron master server has closed.

This will not be a surprise to most of us as SoF Payback was a major disapointment to the die hard fans of the series. However dropping support and the main server so soon after it's release is not a good sign that Activision intend to pursue the series any further. What is worrying though is the removal of the first 2 in the franchise from there site. Does this mean that they are about to close the master servers for those as well ? Only time will tell.

Soldier of Fortune has struggled on the last few years and held it's own against games of a similar age but it looks evermore likely that it's day in the sun is about to come to a end. Should the unthinkable happen, We here at soffiles will add a server ip and info page which will allow players to get the ips of servers and connect to them. Lets just hope it does not come to that.

We will be asking our PR people at FileFront to contact Activision on your behalf for a statement about SoF Payback and for a assurance about the SoF and SoF2 master servers.

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