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A new version of the functional iron sights mod from DJK. Remove the old version and replace it with this one. There some new features as w...


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A new version of the functional iron sights mod from DJK. Remove the old version and replace it with this one. There some new features as well. Please make sure you read the readme carefully.

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"Functional Iron Sights v1.1" for Soldier of Fortune: Payback v1.1


Created by DJK -- I can be contacted on the forums at


To follow the development of this mod, check out this thread:

Any feedback is welcome.




If you were disappointed by SoF: PB's completely aesthetic and pointless iron sights, this is the mod for you! At the time of this release, there are 23 weapons done, and the rest of them should be done soon.

The aim button will now raise the weapon's sights and line them up properly so that you can actually aim with them. When the iron sights are not being used, *the weapon is held realistically at "low ready", making it easier to take close range shots in the absence of the crosshair, which has been totally removed. In fact, because the crosshair HAS been removed, I recommend that you only use the iron sights of the weapons that are done, and put opticals of some sort on everything else.

* 29-11-07: Shortly after the release of the preview version, it was brought to my attention that the original "low ready" position was high enough that with certain opticals attached, the player's view was obstructed. At the time, I wasn't aware of any way to change a weapon's position based on what type of opticals it had attached, and thus I was forced to lower the "low ready" position further than I would've liked. However, while working on the 3D Opticals Test (which you'll read about a bit later in this readme) I figured out a way in which I CAN change a weapon's position based on which opticals it's using. As a result, the original "low ready" position will be returning (when a weapon is without opticals). At the time of this release, I've only had time to apply it to the G36, but in future releases, it will eventually be applied to all weapons.

Also, the Tavor TAR-21 and XM8 -- which were left out of the PC version of Payback -- have been enabled. Based on early testing, it seems that for use in multiplayer, the person hosting must have those weapons enabled in order for them to work. To be safe, I'd recommend that EVERYONE involved have them enabled. 

Because they have built-in scopes, the following weapons do NOT feature functional iron sights:

XM8 (enabled in v1.0), RPG, M32 Grenade Launcher, 3 of the 4 sniper rifles. The exception is the SL8 -- which oddly enough, can be used without opticals (for those times when nothing but a semi-automatic G36 with a 10 round magazine will get the job done).




The new weapons: CAR-12, Desert Eagle, H&K MP7, Kriss Super V, M249 SAW, Mk48, Mossberg 590 Compact Cruiser, P90, SCAR, SL8, Taurus Raging Bull 
There's a new experimental (and *optional) feature being tested in v1.1 on the G36k: a 3D reflex sight, red dot sight, and colimator. When you press the aim button with one of the aforementioned opticals attached, you'll no longer see a 2D image of it -- you'll instead look through the actual sight on the weapon. 

There are several things which may prove to be issues, the first of which is that, with the red dot sight in particular, more of the screen is obscured than with the default 2D image. The second is that the red dots/crosshairs on the lenses aren't as dark as I'd like them to be, and thus, can be somewhat difficult to see in certain lighting conditions and/or against certain backgrounds. I'll be looking into this further to see if there's any solution

* To test this feature, make sure that you've first installed the main part of the mod. Then, go into the folder called "3D Opticals Test", which contains another "Models" folder. Copy that into your main Soldier of Fortune: Payback folder, overwriting when prompted. To remove this feature, simply reinstall the main part of the mod, overwriting once again.

One little thing you may notice is that, whether or not you install the 3D Opticals Test, the lenses of the reflex sight, red dot sight and colimator will now have a red dot/crosshair on them. If for some reason you DON'T find this awesome, go into "Soldier of Fortune Payback\Models\weapons\equipment\material" and delete the files "" and "". 




First make sure you've installed the 1.1 patch. Then extract the folders called "Models" and "Gui2" into your main Soldier of Fortune: Payback folder and overwrite any old files from previous versions of this mod.




* AK47 	

* CAR-12 

* Benelli M1014

* Colt M1991

* Desert Eagle

* G36k

* Glock 18c

* HK416

* HK MP7

* Kriss Super V

* M16A3

* M249 SAW

* Mk23

* Mk48

* Mossberg 590 Compact Cruiser

* P90


* RPK47



* SL8

* Taurus Raging Bull

* Tavor TAR-21


Known Issues


* Due to the small rear sight opening on the M16A3, and the fact that moving it any closer to the screen causes clipping during recoil, it can be somewhat difficult to see through to your target. If this causes significant problems, I'll look into an alternative.

* The Mossberg 590 Compact Cruiser clips somewhat during recoil when looking through the iron sights. This is unavoidable.


Thanks To


* Thorny23, for instantly responding to my posts in the Modding forum.

* Panosb, for explaining how to properly pack a .fs file using the unfs.exe utility.

* RCF, for discovering that it's not necessary to repack edited files (which saved me LOADS of time), and for explaning where exactly to put those files when I managed to misunderstand his original post on the subject.

* SoundPath and avair, for testing the Tavor TAR-21 and XM8 in multiplayer.

* Everyone who's given me feedback so far.




As one must say when they release a mod (even thought it would be just about IMPOSSIBLE): If this mod manages to damage your computer in some way, I cannot be held responsible.


Legal stuff


Do not sell this mod, use it in whole or in part without my permission, or redistribute it without an unaltered copy of this readme file.

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