Soldier of Fortune

Use any means necessary to find and secure four stolen nuclear warheads. Track and stop the terrorist organization responsible for the theft before they can carry out their threat to national security...

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[R&B]Courtside NOTTMOTO 1.37MB 144
KeiFeR's Crosshair Pack V1a 2008! KeiFeR789 1KB 82
Skybox Map QT NOTTMOTO 114.64MB 24
Skybox Map AVI NOTTMOTO 111.76MB 24
Basic Map NoSky QT NOTTMOTO 100.62MB 10
Basic Map NoSky AVI NOTTMOTO 149.69MB 45
Dream_Hearts Velvet 456KB 70
Hard_Target Velvet 51KB 69
Zodiacs_Fully_loaded Velvet 82KB 79
SNQPCTF4 Gauderio SNQP 1.04MB 121
The Gauntlet Mod NOTTMOTO 172KB 138
TDW Skin Pack Evil4N 722KB 58
Gold Weapons Sentinel92 576KB 135
Fantasy World JEFF R'dam 603KB 52
Gotcha 2007 NOTTMOTO 2.77MB 299
Hks Little Tokyo HKS_CB 4.77MB 412
SNQPCTF2B Gauderio SNQP 116KB 39
SNQPCTF3 Gauderio SNQP 536KB 56
Hitmans Hud =DL=Hitman 287KB 59
Hks Castle War HKS_CB 2.91MB 85
DL Iraq Ctf1 dl_hitman 962KB 168
Map Pack 2007 Ermak 60.83MB 2103
=DL=CityStreets =DL=Hitman 403KB 144
[R&B] Rad Arena NOTTMOTO 740KB 120
DL_City Streets =DL=Hitman 278KB 96
DL Trainingscamp CTF =DL=Hitman 143KB 148
Coop Streets Rdam DEMISE R'dam / JAN R'dam 1.05MB 273
DL Clan Facility =DL=Hitman 187KB 71
DL Clan Facility =DL=Clan 179KB 56
[R&B]Dead Zone NOTTMOTO 1.54MB 87
[R&B]Kampgrounds NOTTMOTO 4.44MB 177
DL_IRQ2006 CTF =DL=Hitman 376KB 117
Magnum |Time| 6MB 152
Container Yard |Time| 7.81MB 271
SNQP CTF2 Gauderio SNQP 87KB 139
R'Dam CTF PETER R'dam 1.05MB 204
R'dam CTF2 Guest 652KB 126
[RDAM] CTF Sounds PETER R'dam 317KB 193
Coop Nyc2 Rdam DEMISE R'dam / JAN R'dam 999KB 242
snqpctf1 Gauderio SNQP 612KB 183
Rdam The Spiral X PETER R'dam 130KB 112
[RDAM] Kill Bill DM Jan [Rdam] and Demise 2.28MB 142
[R&B]Barn Storm NOTTMOTO 1.28MB 235
Clan X CTF Pastor X 936KB 165
[RDAM] SoF2 MP Hos1 PETER R'dam 1.05MB 222
[RDAM] Big Bedroom Guest 1.96MB 261
[RDAM] MC-HAMMER Soundpack JEFF R'dam 825KB 263
UPS Pac Man Eh NOTTMOTO 175KB 140
[RDAM] The Tube PETER R'dam 1.73MB 99
Coop Rdam Avion DEMISE R'dam / JAN R'dam 1.49MB 197