3D Accelerated SoF Review!

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A great review for any of you who are deciding whether to buy the game or not, i'm sure this will help you make the right decision and buy Soldier of Fortune! Check out the review here. [quote]In a market clogged by underdeveloped first person shooters, released by every company possible, it is rare that a FPS stirs up the gaming community. However, as you all know, Soldier of Fortune (SoF) has somehow managed to do just so. Maybe it was the early previews of the game, leaving readers wondering about references to startlingly realistic gameplay. Or maybe it was those early screenshots, depicting warlike environments to their fullest. Or maybe it was just a masterfully orchestrated marketing ploy by Activision. Whatever it was, SoF is on shelves now, and 3d Accelerated.com has the chance to tell you if the game is worth your hard-earned money or not. The last thing that really sets SoF apart are all the various qualities which come together to create a great sense of ambiance. I have been sniping many a time, only to find an enemy soldier sneak up behind me and unload a round of submachine gun fire on me. Pumping the speakers up, with the room dark, creates a remarkable sensation while playing SoF. Quite simply, no other game has made me feel like I was actually there. The ambient sounds, the graphics, and especially the realism, all play great roles in keeping your heart pounding, and your butt on the edge of your chair. [/quote]

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