3D Spotlight Review

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3DSpotlight has smacked up a review for SoF giving it a 96% score! Here's a snippet: [quote]Soldier of Fortune offers gameplay much like any other game of this genre. There are mission objectives and such to complete but generally it boils down to, don't get killed, find the keys/switches, open the doors, exit the level. If you're like me though you won't really mind this at all. There's a lot to see, do and you won't get bogged down with the finer points of the mission (or lack of), that's what the cut scenes are for. Given your "real world" levels that you play in you may need to re-think your approach to how you play and thinking logically is the way to get through the game. An example of this is in a New York level where you seemingly can't progress any further. Upon (accidentally) shooting some fuel barrels near a lamppost the resulting explosion knocked over the lamppost, which in turn pulled down part of a chain link fence, allowing you to climb over it. Once you get used to these sort of puzzles further levels get that little bit easier.[/quote] Click here for the full article.

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