Activision takes down Soldier of Fortune compatibility mod SoFplus

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Published by FileTrekker 3 years ago , last updated 3 years ago

In a somewhat controversial move, Activision have decided to issue a cease and desist against the author of Solider of Fortune's popular SoFplus mod, causing the downloads and website to go dark after 14 years, mere days after the game was re-released on

The mod was critical for owners of the original release of the game, as it not only allowed the game to run on more modern operating systems and machines, but it also patched out some very serious bugs in the game that allowed hackers to take control of a users' PC, thus the mod has proven a must-have for pretty much anyone still playing the original release of the game. 

Apart from the critical security and compatibility features, the mod also added widescreen support, new settings menus, and other tweaks to make the game run better on modern hardware.

It's hard to see this move as anything other than an attempt by Activision to force original owners of the game to buy the newly released GOG version, at the expense of the security of existing players who may still wish to use their legitimately purchased original copy. Call me cynical, but I fail to remember reading anywhere that players have to re-purchase their games after a set number of years in order to be able to continue playing them...

The creator of SoFplus had the following to say about the situation;

After over 14 years, Activision has sent a request to remove or block access to SoFplus files. The request also asked for removal of files that don't contain Activision materials, so something may be wrong with their automated scanning tool.

The creator of the mod has also stated that the reason for the takedown request is due to the recent GOG release, and that he is trying to open a dialogue with Activision to try and resolve the situation so the mod can return online.

What do you think about the situation? Are Activision in the right or wrong? Let us know your thoughts below.

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3 years ago by Serio

I guess Activision is saying... SoFar, so good?

2 years ago by biozeminadae1

Destroying something the community has created doesn't seem to be in the right...

2 years ago by Lindæl

I agree completely.

However, between the time this was posted, to now, the mod author must have had some dialogue with Activision. The mod page is back up.

Here it is: