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Published by Pro-Filer 20 years ago , last updated 3 years ago
Ey, I sent this message out to all the people that E-mailed me about a part of the site that was a bit screwed up, to make it easier on me and save some time, I've just copied and pasted the stuff I e-mailed:
Just got back from school, checking e-mail, got 125 messages instead of the daily 40!! wow, well, apparantly about 85 of those were e-mails from all you good people (yes, I'm mass-massaging all of you...) telling me that the site was f*cked up. Well, thanks a lot!! I should have figured out such a horrible error myself, but didn't :) It's been like that for 16 hours now, but it's fixed. The reason I believe is that I made some changes to the file.php3 (the file that the error occured on) and that I had scheduled the file to upload after I went to bed. So I found out that my ISP f*cked up while that file was being transfered, and so it was only half uploaded or so and ended exactly where there was a script that our site runs on: PHP However, I DID noticed that our links to download the file are ABOVE where the page stops loading. A few of those 85 E-mails were from people suggesting me that they had trouble FINDING the download link, so what does this tell me?? I need to change that a bit. So I did that too now, just made the word DOWNLOAD bigger, can't miss it now. Well, sorry for the inconvenience and I hope you don't have the well-know (NOT) "download removal syndrome" yet. Let me know if anyone did get this syndrome and we won't gladly pay for that, moreover, we won't cover you... Ok, enough, time to add files, I got a skin and a map coming up, a very cool map : D-Day. So, you'll see that online within 30 minutes
That's it! Enjoy!
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