Games Domain takes a look at SOF

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Take a look at the full review here. [quote]Graphically and sonically Soldier of Fortune is flawless, boasting as it does superb character animations and excellent sound effects and plenty of pyrotechnics. The gore effects themselves are unbelievable gory, not that Raven went out of their way to make the game gratuitously violent. At all. Ahem. As a whole, Soldier of Fortune is a highly entertaining but not perfect game that should keep you going for a good week or two, and is sufficiently different with its real world environment to other shoot-em-ups about. And if realistic deathmatching ever takes off, you could be playing it for ages to come. It has a few flaws, particularly in that stealth isn't always rewarded as you'd expect it to be (given the fact so much of the game is scripted), but it's still strangely addictive and gratuitously gory. If you're looking for a totally realistic stealth-based softly softly action game a la Hidden and Dangerous, you're best off looking elsewhere. If, on the other hand, you want a highly entertaining shoot-em-up set in a modern environment and with a bit of stealth thrown in, then Soldier of Fortune should fit the bill nicely and deserves a place on your gaming shelf.[/quote]

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