Gamespy interview with Phantomas (The Green Wall)

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Published by GODh 20 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
GameSpy did an interview with the creator of [url=""]The Green Wall[/url] (vietnam mod for SoF):[quote]The Green Wall is a team based mod set during the Vietnam War. Each team tries to survive in dense jungles and finish their missions. The American infantry team's mission may include reaching a helicopter point, destroying a bridge, infiltrating a base, or rescuing some prisoners of war. As the Vietcong team, players must defend their base, infiltrate an U.S. outpost, hunt American soldiers through the jungle, or fight them on the river. Some missions support bots and cooperative mode. Work on this Soldier of Fortune mod began in February of 2001. It wasn't originally planned as a mod, but rather "turned into one," said Designer Thomas "Phantomas" Schauer. "I started by creating jungle models like trees and undergrowth as an add-on for mappers to use in place of some of the existing models," he said. "From there, my collection of work grew each day until it turned into the modification we now call The Green Wall."[/quote]You can read the full interview [url=""]here[/url]!
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