GameSurge SOF Review

By Pro-Filer 24 years ago, last updated 7 years ago

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GameSurge has posted a Review for SOF. I think its not the best review out there but you can give it a look. [quote]For starters, players in search of realism should look elsewhere. Soldier of Fortune is much closer to a hardcore action movie than a strategic sim. Tactical thinking will not get you very far, but fast reflexes and big machineguns will take down just about every challenge thrown at you in SOF. Enemy AI isn't top notch, for example if two goons are standing next to each other and one drops dead via a sniper bullet to the face, his companion will stand there waiting for you to put him out of his misery as well. Most enemies will charge straight at you while shooting as soon as you're detected. [/quote] Click here for the Full Review

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