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Published by Pro-Filer 19 years ago , last updated 2 years ago
Hey peeps, whats up this Tomba, I am new here, but I will rock da world sooner or later, anywayz let me tell yall a little abouts me-self, I am 16 Love to party, any Soldier of Fortune Kicks Major Bahonkas, I am on NYC Stage 2, and on the hardest Difficulty setting omfg!, The hardest part was chasing after Sabre, too many guys, I think I died like 7 times, shotgun was the best in that part, so was the grenade but thats what caused some of my deaths, it kept bouncing of walls, and you get the point. BOOM! I couldn't turn cheats off, cause it spoils the game! :( My favorite gun is shotgun, or the Silenced SMG, both good, I hate the doors they need to stay open longer, cause when I try to throw a flashie, it close, and ah Bad guys run in and I am blind, anyways I registering www.soldier-of-fortune.net, kickz major butt. Well anywayz I said my shiza, Time to fly.. P.S. Expect to see another Post in 15 Minutes...
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