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Published by Pro-Filer 20 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Kronos posted this on PlanetSoldier (thanks) and I must agree with the person who wrote it. The letter is originally written by a person known as Kitzke, posted here in its entirety. [quote]To my friends and other patriots who read this letter, If you are like me you are feeling deep heart wrenching emotions about the terrorist attack this Tuesday. I know I feel tremendous grief for those that lost their lives not to mention the sadness I feel for their family and friends they leave behind. I also feel rage towards the terrorists responsible for this heinous act. I am sure that I am not alone in my desire to seek justice. However, justice may take some time to fully realize. I don't know about you but I don't want to wait. I have slept very little the last few days and in that time I have been trying to think about how I can help. Apart from giving blood, I felt there was nothing I could do.... but now I have thought of something that could make a tremendous statement to the terrorists and to the world about the resolve and strength of the United States and its citizens. The way you can fight back today is BUY SOMETHING! Buy that computer you have been wanting, buy a car or a sofa. Even a music CD if that is all you afford to spare. Buy a present for your friends and family. Donate to your favorite charity. Take all of your friends out to your favorite restaurant. Celebrate life, love and all that is good. When the stock market opens don't sell... buy! 100 dollars invested by every person in the U.S. will add over 2 billion dollars to the market. Imagine the faces of those bastards when they see our market rise from the ashes instead of falling. I hope we can come together and show the world that we will not be intimidated and that terrorism doesn't work. If we do this, these types of attacks will cease to be effective and will therefor stop! We must not let them achieve their objective of our crippling our economy. When you finish reading go right to your favorite website and pick up something. When you do it tell yourself you are doing it for all those who have "laid such a costly sacrifice on the alter of freedom" - Abraham Lincoln. In order for this to work the message must get out. If you know me... you know I hate chain letters but in this case I will make an exception. Send this message to as many people as you can.[/quote] An economy is mostly based on how the consumer acts, and a consumer is the force behind an economy, so let's follow Kitzke's advice and buy stuff. For example, buy Soldier of Fortune: Platinum Edition and do the US Economy a favor (thereby helping the world wide economies), do Raven & Activision a favor and do a favor (we get 5% commision when you buy through this link at Amazon), and by all this, do yourself a favor. Please pass on this message, and if you don't believe this could possible help, ask any stock analist or whatever, every dollar helps! Even if you don't live in the US. Get involved!
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