Hostile Intent Release 1!

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Published by Pro-Filer 21 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
GT-73 has informed me of the new Hostile Intent Release 1. Since he was so informative, ill let him do the talking :) [quote]Features new to this version: - Improved armor behavior - Death messages removed - Wall bullet penetration improved - Realstic damage always set on - Spinning weapons always set off - Decreased movescale - Scoreboard only shows correct scores at end of match - Added Respawn delay time - Fixed C4 on glass bug - Bullets are now affected by glass - Lowered 9mm penetration(glock, silenced mach. pis.) - Sliding door - block and movetype behavior changed - Removed sound when use key hit on wall - Rotating door behavior changed(much easier to use - naughty ravensoft..) - Limited weapons to 2 pistols and one extra weapon - Weapons now do not respawn when a player has them(they do respawn if dropped) - Forced many of the realistic mode rules - SMG is now a 9mm weapon, and it's penetration changed accordingly - Goggles no longer shut off because of battery charge - Increased spawn times on certain grens and ammo - Bunch of small things I'm probably forgetting Indeed, a hefty amount of new features are included. Two new maps are included, instead of just one like we said in earlier updates. The gameplay at this point is quite different than the original SOF, so I wouldn't suggest trying to play it the same. Ammo is a lot harder to come by as well, so firing blindly and wasting ammo won't be a very good idea. Check it out and you'll know what I'm talking about(we now have a map list for Hostile Intent that will install to basemaplists). Oh yeah, and the second map(archives) has fully working light switches, so grab them goggles.[/quote] So go grab the new mod right NOW!
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