Interview with Kenn Hoekstra

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Themushroom.com made an interview with Kenn Hoekstra from Raven Software. They asked him 20 questions about his profesional and personal life. [quote]The walk and run speed plays right into the visceral, action movie feel that we are going for with Soldier of Fortune. The flavor of the game harkens back to the days of DooM and DooM ][ with hordes of enemies, powerful weapons and ultra-fast gameplay. Some people expected SoF to be a military simulation game, but we envisioned a John Woo film in a game world (minus guns Akimbo). For the final game, we have put in multiplayer variables to allow server hosts to set the run, walk and game speeds to their liking. Realistic DM mode also plays on these variations by slowing the run and walk speed and factoring in fatigue. [/quote] Click here for the full article.

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