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Published by Pro-Filer 20 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Heyz, Y'all thought were were dead huh? Well we're not, we've had our share of problems (hackers, new server, bla, and bla, and blabla) but we're back. Hereby, I would also like to announce an upcoming relaunch of SoFFiles.com which will have a ton of new features, SoF 2 support and be intergrated with the FilesNetwork (which has yet to launch, lol). More on that later. For developers (mappers, skinners, modders, etc.) there will be a special admin area where they can view statistics on their files (downloads, etc.) and in the near future, they'll also be able to add / edit / delete their own files. Yup, we still got no mirror right now, but we're happy to announce that Fragland.net will be mirroring when WE are ready. Also no updates today, since we are not able to use FTP yet, and we're considering doing NO updates untill after the relaunch. We will be down for a day when we relaunch since we have to convert ALL the data to our new system, which works about 99% different than the old one. Lot's of fun with that :D Well, I'll post something right before the weekend about the relaunch, if all goes well, we will relaunch on saturday or sunday, but I'd be safer to say somewhere at the start of next week. Sorry for all the inconvenience our downtime has caused for both our fans / visitors, the developers and especially some of our hosted sites. This downtime has cost a CRAPLOAD of money (fixing the old server, when later it turned out it could cost up to 2500 bucks to fix), a bunch of hosted sites :( (which we totally understand by the way, when you're host is down 3 weeks or so, they must suck...), and a few dollars of income (really, with a website with 1,000 unique visitors daily, you make around 1 dollar a month or so :) I can't believe we are still around...) Well that's it for now, I'll resume work on the new system now, believe me it will kick yo ass. The colors will be different tho, no more black blue and white, but more to a soldier typ-o-color. And Jolt, is that mirror back up? I can't believe we are actually back... - Pro-Filer
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