New Picture of the day system online! *Updated*

By Phenix (FN Old) 20 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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You might of not seen the new links under the picture of the day (PotD) on the home page. Well I have spent most of this week completely redesigning the picture of the day system. Users of EFFiles.com will have seen the system in development and I apologize for the times when I fiddling about! :p This new system allows you to upload your own pictures, with your own description. Once you have uploaded them they will be added to our validation queue for a member of staff to check. [url="file.potd?ID=Add"]Click Here to Add your Own[/url]. Also with this new system is the archive . Where all picture of the days ever added to this site are stored. You may go back and view any of them at anytime. The usual options are they, like sort by date etc. [url="file.potd?ID=Archive"]Click Here to View the Archive[/url]. The best part of this new system (in my option) is the new view page. Instead of just viewing the picture you can now vote on it, see how many people have viewed it & comment on it! Soon I will add a link to the left menu for the Archive and the Submit page. Please could people stop sending in pictures via email and start using the [url="file.potd?ID=Add"]online form[/url] because it is easier for us. :D Phenix, [url="http://techies.filesnetwork.com"]FilesNetwork Techie[/url] [b]*Update:*[/b] The PotD Add form seems to be a succes for most sites! Within 20 hours, JK2Files.com for example already had 26 Pictures of the Day uploaded! Now, some things arose, the Add form isn´t to informative as to what the PotD requirements are in filesize and dimensions. That info will be added next week. We're also implenting some admin features that will make it easier to send you guys feedback when we delete or approve a PotD uploaded by you! (on deletion, send you an email saying why. On approval, sending you thank you note blabla :D) This, however, will be done using our mailform (which hides the recipients E-Mail address for the sender) so only people that registered a valid E-Mail address with their username will be able to receive such messages. If you have any other suggestions regarding the PotD, send them to [email][email protected][/email] Thx, - Pro-Filer, FilesNetwork.com Founder / Network Manager

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