Old Man Murray's honest review...

By Pro-Filer 24 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Well Old Man Murray did it. He reviewed SoF plain and blunt. Got the points down pretty well and didn't make any pretty school girl english language turnabouts or encoded puns to express his opinion. I think it's a pretty accurate review, go check it out. Here's a little tidbit: [quote]No matter how graphic or fun it is to shoot body parts off the bad guys. With a weak plot and bad AI, even this "fun" gets boring eventually. Or does it? After 12 hours of play, I want to play some more... Maybe its just the lack of any competition for a single player FPS right now, maybe it is my blood lust, I don't know, but for $40 SOF will give you at least a good weekend of fun.[/quote]

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