PC Gameworld SoF Review!

By Pro-Filer 23 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Everyone seems to be poking at SoF these days. Another SoF review by PC Gameworld.com. Take me there! Here's a little clipping from the review: [quote]If you have assumed that Soldier of Fortune mus t be a realistic first person shooter because its damage model, GHOUL, allows twenty six different hit locations you would have assumed wrong. A realistic first person shooter wouldn't include such things as a stolen F-117, battling hordes of ninjas, and over-the-top villains that like to laugh maniacally. No, Soldier of Fortune isn't by any means another Rainbow Six clone. Instead, it plays a lot like those cheesy action B-movies that usually star Julie Strain. By the time you have thwarted the insidious plot of The Order you will have blown away at least 1400 bad guys and blown the crap out of everything from a massive Paris gun to an Iraqi refinery. And just as you wouldn't be talking about a corny action flick six months down the road you probably won't be playing Soldier of Fortune half a year from now. [/quote]

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