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As manager of the PotD for this site i would like to address the public, the people who make the screenshots an the people who vote and comment on them. The current situation is that people are complaining that the PotD's lately are all boring with no blood and explosions. Well id like to point out to you people that i do not make the pictures that make PotD (well not all of them ;) ) As i went through the list for pictures to be uploaded for PotD i noticed that the high majority of the pics were just like the pics that are currently making the PotD. So if you want pics with blood and explosions in them it is up too you the people to send them in. I do my best to please you but you must help me to help you! And please stop complaining that the Potd's are fake, set up, not bloody enough as it is entirely down to the fact that you are not giving me those pics to add. Thanks B3nn3tt.
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