Raven releases some original map-files (for mappers) - updated

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Published by GODh 20 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
I got a nice email from Kenn Hoekstra: [quote]This .zip file contains the .map files for the sib1, sib2 and sib3 single player levels from the original Soldier of Fortune. An SOF mapper (Torcherer) e-mailed me and requested the .map files so he could modify them and turn them into DM maps for the mod community. After asking the SOF team leads, they agreed that we could release the files. As I didn't think it was fair to give the maps to him alone, I decided to give them out to the various SOF fan sites for free distribution so anyone could use them. More .map files could be released in the future and perhaps other SOF assets and utilities as well, but we aren't committing to it. Perhaps when we've finished work on Soldier of Fortune 2 and Jedi Outcast we'll have more time. The only rules for the use of these map files are the same as they are for all Raven mod releases: 1. These are for personal, non-commercial use only. Anything created using these files must be freely distributed. These files are not to be sold, used in a retail product or used in any way to make money. 2. Credit should be given to Raven Software in any documentation accompanying releases using this material. It's not nice to pass off our work as your own. :) This file release isn't exclusive to any one site. Feel free to mirror it and re-distribute it (as long as you don't charge people to obtain it). Enjoy! Soldier of Fortune Siberia .map files: (Download the file and mirror it...DON'T SEND PEOPLE TO OUR SERVER TO GET IT OR IT WILL BRING DOWN OUR NETWORK!!!! Thanks!)[/quote]I do have the file myself (thanks Kenn) but i am not able to post it while our mirror is offline... i also couldn't post the original url to the zip, coz i don't wanna be responsible for bringing down Raven's network ;) Luckily Kenn Hoekstra had 2 links for me, for your download-pleasure: - http://www.3ddownloads.com/?directory=/ravensoft/Soldier_Of_Fortune/Map_Files/ - http://www.fileplanet.com/dl/dl.asp?/planetsoldieroffortune/files/sibmaps.zip [b]Update:[/b] Two more (faster) links (and soon on soffiles.com as well): - http://www.torchy.barrysworld.net/sibmaps.rar (thanks Torcherer) - http://sof.fragland.net/?body=dlstart&id=667 You make your choice, or you will till our mirror is back up :beer: PS: These maps cannot be played... it are files for people who know how to map, and who want to learn to create SP-maps, or wanna change these maps for MP, etc...
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