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Published by Pro-Filer 20 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Well, looks like we´re not making the weekend, the file system and admin is 99% completed and coverted (I spent about 18 hours so far on database coversion since the system is so completely different, in addition I´ve cleaned up a lot of stuff etc), however with the file system done, we still have to finish up the news system and convert it, additionally, the user comments all will be centralized (so you can post network wide etc.) and converted so that will take a while too, but we´ll still be launching this coming week though. Anywyas, file system now has: - Advanced browsing (more sorting and search options) - Advanced info (basically just more) - Advanced error logging - Advanced error notification (when something´s wrong, I´ll be sent an SMS and E-Mail) - 100% whee! - More community features (rate the map, but more is coming, send me your feet back! eh feedback... ;D) - Nice overview of the download links (not totally done yet but working on it) - More privacy for developers. Developers of files can now choose to make their email available to public or not, at this point, by default it´s off, we´re thinking about adding a form so that visitors can contact developers only through that form and thus never get their email addresses unles the developer gives it him/herself. This is a very important extra feature for us and the developers, since we´ve had some problems with developers that didn´t like their email to be on our site, and right they are, hey... we´re still learning! We´re even thinking about a secured area (you´d have to become a "member" first) before you can view a developers profile. We´re also working on this section, a section where developers can login and change their contact details, icq numbers, aol number, yahoo IM number, whatever, add some bio description.´This section will also have the option for a developer to get download stats sent to him every day, week, month or never. In a later stadium, the developer will also be able to add / edit / delete his own files (it´ll be queued into a line so an admin can approve the files). Sorry for being so vague in the above piece of text about developers but I´m just kinda busy, right now I´m actually creating the developers table, and we have 181 developers for SoF only so far! Finally we´re looking for a solution to scan files SERVER SIDE for viruses. In most cases files are tested / opened by our admin (GODh) and scanned but we can always do it better. In addition, on sundays it´s kinda hard for me to contact one of the upcoming mirrors to see if they´re all set, after all, on sunday I can´t get to my info at the office and here at home I dont´have the contact info... great :D my bad, I just got a new PC here.
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