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GA-Source has smacked up a review for SoF, giving it a fine 91%, here's a snippet: [quote]While this game appears to be a straight FPS, its got some new elements that add to the gameplay. This game mixes some elements found in Thief, such as an audio-meter on the bottom of the screen, and an emphasis on stealth. While this is made more difficult due to the inclusion of some very loud weapons. The game also forgoes any puzzle elements found in most shooters. You won’t be running around looking for a keycard in this game. You’re usually presented with a very specific set of goals and objectives, and you’re usually given a straight path to these goals. The weapons roster runs the gamut from the expected to the exotic. While you begin the game with the usual pistol and shotgun, the weapons can range from a sniper rifle to an experimental microwave gun. The beauty of these weapons is their representation. There have been a lot of games in this genre that have had somewhat weak weapon representations…well, Soldier of Fortune bucks this trend.[/quote] Click here for the full review.

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