S-o-F.com interviews Raven's Dan Kramer

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Published by Pro-Filer 20 years ago , last updated 3 years ago
Twisted over at Soldier-of-Fortune.com was lucky enough to talk to Dan Kramer, Assistant Lead Programmer on SoF. The interview discusses a broad range of topics, so there is plenty of information you might find interesting! Here's a snippet:
twisted: Now that you have completed work Soldier of Fortune, aside from the patches, have you still been paying attention to the SoF community's growth such as the formation of mods, etc.? Dan Kramer: I am a regular on our official forums. I also visit the fan sites pretty much every day, so I'm at least aware of what's going on out there. Honestly, though, I spend the most time just playing SoF. I play during lunch or right after quite often. Yesterday I finally got around to getting a cable modem at home, so I spent a few (well, 4...) hours playing from home. I'm kind of an addict. I'd love to actually work on a MOD idea or two, but I don't think I can delude myself enough into believing that I'll have the time to do it.
Click here for the full interview.
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